Will walking 10,000 steps each day reduce cellulite?

August 13, 2018Ellen
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Cellulite is linked to genetics and excess fat beneath the skin.  For us women there are no less than three layers of fat on our thighs, our bums and our knees!

Walking can indeed reduce cellulite by helping you to lose weight and tone up.  Women store extra fat compared to men because women have large spaces between tissue which allows fat to be stored there.  This gives the dimpled effect of cellulite.  Never fear though if you start walking the recommended 10,000 steps each day you will start to see a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.


Walking can indeed reduce cellulite by helping you to lose weight and tone up.  Women store extra fat compared to men because women have large spaces between tissue which allows fat to be stored there.  This gives the dimpled effect of cellulite.

How Walking Can Help to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

The first step to getting rid of cellulite is to make it less noticeable.  To do this you can start by losing weight.  This post on walking for weight loss is a great place to start.  The more weight you lose the less fat you will have to cause the dimple effect.

Since I started my walking journey I have started noticing a big difference in the appearance of my legs, bum and thighs.  The best way to get rid of cellulite is to walk rather than sitting on your bum all day. Walking 10,000 steps per day is recommended the world over by health organisations and even Rihanna’s personal trainer!

My top tips for walking off cellulite

Walk on a regular basis.  Fit walking in to your daily routine and make sure you hit your 10,000 steps per day. Try and keep this up at least 5 days per week.  Head over to my post on ways to get 10,000 steps if you have a day job that actually work if you need some help.

Drink water.  Drinking water throughout the day is another way to flush toxins out of your system.  Toxins can help contribute to cellulite so try reducing your caffeine and up your water intake instead.

Reduce your carbs.  If you reduce your carb intake – especially processed carbs such as white bread and replace them with more vegetables and fruit such as tomatoes (yes tomatoes are a fruit!), strawberries, blackberries and blueberries it will help improve your system and increase your circulation.

can you get rid of cellulite by walking

Knowing the facts about cellulite

I wanted to share with you some information about cellulite.  I have said above that walking helps you to reduce cellulite and the process by which it reduces.  That way you can determine yourself the best way for you to get rid of your cellulite.

Cellulite is caused by fat deposits – Fact
Extra fat deposits sit underneath the skin and pushes through layers of connective tissues.  This often happens in the bum, the thighs, above your knees, back of your arms and your stomach.  Lack of exercise, weak muscle tone and excess fat contribute to cellulite.

Women are more prone to cellulite – Fact

Unfortunately us women are more likely to experience cellulite than men as we tend to carry more fat on our thighs, bum and hip area. This is because women carry more fat due to our Estrogen levels.  Women’s connective tissue is thinner while the fat is thicker so it bulges through.  Conversely men’s connective tissue is thicker and their fat layer is thinner so the fat doesn’t stick out as much as women experience.

Cellulite will get worse as we age – Fact
Unfortunately as us women get older we produce less estrogen which impacts upon our circulation which decreases the production of collagen and connective tissue.  This means the appearance of cellulite gets worse with age.  So walking is a great way to reduce it and keep it at bay.


Cellulite could be in your genes – Fact
Alas we may have cellulite because of our family.  If you mum or your grandmother has had cellulite there is a greater chance that you will have it too.  But like I said above you can reduce the appearance of cellulite with walking.
Having said that genetics are only a small part of the equation, the rest is based on diet, exercise, your water intake also play their part.

Walking can reduce the appearance of cellulite – Fact

Regular walking can reduce cellulite, it can reduce the appearance of cellulite.  As cellulite occurs underneath the connective fibers of the skin, strengthening those with exercise will help overall.  Coupled with walking, toning and firming the muscles cellulite will reduce in the areas you are most concerned with.  Walking briskly will help build your muscle and boost  your circulation too which also benefits.

What your eat can reduce cellulite – Fact

Eating a well balanced diet can help keep weight off and reduce cellulite.  Eating vegetables, drinking water and keeping your carb intake to a minimum will help reduce and keep cellulite away.  Did you know that cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers are over 90 per cent water?  These will help you to lose weight and reduce cellulite.

Smoking can increase the appearance of cellulite – Fact

Unfortunately for you, if you smoke then it will make your cellulite worse. That is because smoking reduces blood flow and weakens the formation of collagen. This means your connective tissue becomes damaged and weak allowing for the stored fat to push through the skin even more.  Not only that but smoking also causes your skin to age quicker and contributes to stretch marks on your skin.


Myths about cellulite

I also wanted to touch on the myths about cellulite so you don’t waste your time or money on things that don’t work…

Creams do not reduce cellulite

There are so many claims out there that creams you buy over the counter will reduce cellulite.  They will not.  The best way to reduce cellulite is to exercise and tone your body.  This is also limited evidence that creams or scrubs with ingredients such as caffeine, green tea may also help circulation but these have not been proven to work.  You would be better reducing your intake of caffeine and drink more water.

Certain types of clothing cannot reduce cellulite

Some compression style clothing makes claims that they can reduce cellulite.  They cannot change the structure of  your cellulite it is just a gimmick to get you to buy clothing that is over-priced.  In fact some tight clothing could have the opposite effect – contributing to cellulite by cutting off circulation and blood flow.


So there you have it, some facts and some myths about cellulite.  I hope you come to the same conclusion as me, that by walking and taking care of yourself you can reduce the look of your cellulite no matter where it is on your body.  I guess we have to accept though that women are more prone to cellulite than men.

That is just one of the many reasons why I love walking.  It is so beneficial in so many ways.  Have you started on your walking journey?  I’d love to hear how it has benefited you.

Happy walking!


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