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28 Walking to Lose Weight Tips

February 17, 2019Ellen
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Walking to lose weight is a great way reach your goal. These are my walking for weight loss tips. It has been around 8 months since I began my walking for weight loss journey. I am still very much on that journey.

I have had ups and downs. That being the case I wanted to share with you my walking for weight loss tips. Tips that have helped me continue on this journey and I hope they help you too.

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Before getting in to the walking for weight loss tips I wanted to share with you my reason for using walking as a means of losing weight and not any other form of exercise. You see I’m a busy working mommy. The last thing I want to do when I get home each evening is have to go out to the gym or go out running.

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I want to have worked my exercise in to my daily routine and when I get home, spend quality time with my family and then sit on the sofa and watch a movie in the comfort of my PJs. I that you? If so, then read on. Let’s get this exercise thing nailed down for all us moms, let’s make it part of our daily routine so when it comes to home time after a day at work that we can sped it with our family or spend it how we like!

Having said all that there are some tips I can share with you to help you on your walking for weight loss journey. These are things that either help me or things I wish I had known when starting out on my journey. Let’s get in to those now:

Walking to lose weight: Choose the right equipment

tips to help you walk for weight loss

There are three things I would suggest for starting on your walking for weight loss journey. The first piece of equipment is a comfortable pair of shoes. The second is the right clothes and the last is a Fitbit to monoitor your progress.

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2. Walking to lose weight: Devise a walking playlist

walking play list

These walking for weight loss tips are varied so another one is listening to music is a great motivator for starting but also for keeping you going. This is especially true if you are brisk walking. Have a play list organised in advance of walking. Make sure it has your favorite tracks but also songs that are a mixture of a fast and slower tempo which will help you on your walk. I have to say that there are times when I reach my destination and I didn’t realize it because I was so engrossed in the music. It also helps you reach speeds you didn’t know you could reach!

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3. Walking to lose weight: Plan your route

walking sign

Having a clear idea of where and when you are going to walk is yet another great walking for weight loss tip. It also means you have no excuse and if you are short on time you can get out and get back quickly. This is particularly useful if you are walking during your lunch break at work. I have a few routes that I take depending on whether I need to pick up a few things in the grocery shop! I like to mix it up too otherwise I would get bored of the same route!

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4. Walking to lose weight: Walk with a family member or friend

walking for weight loss

There is an old saying “a problem shared is a problem halved”. It’s the same as any journey you may be on. Find a walking buddy, either a family member or a work colleague, someone who is either on the same journey as you or someone who will support you. It can make all the difference sharing your journey with others.

5. Walking to lose weight: Have fun on your walk

walking for weight loss

This journey you are on should be fun! There is no point doing something that isn’t enjoyable otherwise you won’t stick at it. Make your walks fun, whether it’s listening to music, bringing a friend for a good chat or skipping make your walk fun. On the skipping front, I dare you to skip for a few moments and not laugh! Honestly it is the best medicine to make grown ups laugh! When I do this with my husband we all have a great belly laugh – you know the ones! Go on, give it a go!!!

6. Walking to lose weight: Walk in any weather

Walking on the beach

I live in Ireland, it’s cold, wet and breezy and that’s just summer! Be prepared for all weather and you won’t have any excuses. That’s from the right coat, shoes, hat, gloves, umbrella – anything that will ensure you continue walking no matter what the weather.

7. Walking to lose weight: Fit your walking in to your daily routine

It really doesn’t mater when you do your walking, fit it in your daily routine. For example, I did a video on how many steps I achieved shopping in Belfast! I find incorporating my walking in to what I’m already doing is the beset way to keep me motivated and to keep it up!

8. Walking to lose weight: Walk briskly when you can

walking for weight loss

Pick up the pace wen you can to walk briskly. This will help you lose more weight. If you are walking briskly for about 30 minutes you will burn sugars and if you walk more than 30 minutes you will start burning fat. You can burn off many more calories by upping the pace to a brisk walk.

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9. Switch it up and down

walking for weight loss

Everyone seems to be talking about HIIT. It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Using it in walking is really easy. Brisk waking for 5 minutes and then reducing to a slower pace and doing that for a the duration of your walk. Studies have shown that a HIIT workout helps you burn more calories.

If you want to increase your walking pace there are two ways you can do it. You can take longer strides or you can fast strides. Experts say that it’s better to do the later because lengthening your stride can increase strain on your feet and legs.

10. Keep hydrated

keep hydrated

There are a few reasons to drink water, the first is that it can help suppress your appetite but also it helps to hydrate you during your walk and something you may not know is that research has shown that if you increase your water intake by about 6 cups per day you could burn an extra 17,400 calories over the year! This is because it helps to increase your metabolic rate. Just another great walking for weight loss tip.

11. Change the terrain

walking for weight loss

Of course you can change your speed, the distance but another great way to burn more calories is to change your terrain. I often walk on the beach and then there is the grass too. Vary your walking terrain and you will be able to burn more calories.

12. Know how many steps you take

walking for weight loss

Walking is a great way of losing weight. Officials suggest the key target is 10,000 steps. Knowing how many steps you take is not only a great incentive but it also helps you to determine how many more you need to take to lose weight. I highly recommend owning a Fitbit which will track your steps but also your heart rate too which will help you decide if you are walking in your fat burning zone.

13. Stealth walking

walking for weight loss

My aim has always to fit in walking with my own routine. that means doing some stealth walking! For example using public transport, parking your car further away, taking the stairs instead of the lift. Marching on the spot is another good one!

14. Walking up that hill

walking in to a cardio workout

Adding in some hills is another great way of getting rid of some of those calories. It’s also great for toning your legs too! Your legs will hurt but that’s what it’s all about trying to increase your steps.

15. Use weights

Using weights can help you tone up but also use up more calories. Having said that go easy. There are times I use weights but there are also times that I use my shopping to do the same thing! Bringing milk home is a great way to tone my arms!

16. Try walking backwards

walking on the beach

I have tried walking backwards when out with family and it’s another one of those things that will have you laughing! The reason for walking backwards is that it uses your muscles in your legs differently. Of course if you are going to try this then be extra careful and have someone else with you to guide you.

17. Ditch high calorie drinks

This walking for weight loss tips is related to drinking. Drinking calories can be problematic if you are trying to lose weight walking. The thing is that these drinks contain many calories and honestly you don’t need to take sports drinks for walking for weight loss. Instead opt for water which has few calories and will keep you hydrated.

18. Choose your snacks wisely

Keeping an eye on your snacks is also important when you are trying to walk for weight loss. Almonds are a great snack as they make you feel full! Although don’t over eat on almonds!

19. Utilise your arms

Using your arms is a great way of burning 5% more calories! My work bag is either a rucksack or a cross body bag, this leaves your arms free to swing! It’s such an easy way of using more calories so whey not?

20. Log your walks

walking for weight loss

Keeping track of how many steps you take and how many times you walk is a great way of keeping you motivated. Keep a track of your days, the distance, the steps, it will help you improve your health and help you lose weight.

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21. Don’t eat more than you have burned

walking for weight loss

I have reached a stage on my walking for weight loss journey where I have stopped losing weight. the problem is I’m eating the same amount that I’m burning. This has resulted in no weight loss. My next steps are to reduce what I’m eating and increase my steps. Let’s see if that works!

22. Consider some resistance training

Muscle is good at helping you use up more calories. Also as you get older having muscle is important Doing some resistance training will help with both. Even just 5 minutes a day will help. I have started resistance training each day I will report back on how things are going.

23. Walk to help with anxiety

walking to de stress

After a stressful day at work walking is great to help with what has happened during the day. Walking can help relax us all. You can use it as a method of mindful walking too. Head over to my blog post on how to practice mindful walking.

24. Aim for at least 10,000 steps a day

how long do I need to walk to lose weight

Walking 10,000 steps a day has so many benefits from health but also helping you lose weight. Getting them in during the day can be tough at the start if you haven’t had much practice but stick with it, you will get there.

25. Take the longer way round

mindful walking

Find more ways to integrate walking in to your daily routine. Also take the stairs, march on the spot and take the longer way round for all kinds of things just think about how to fit them in to your day!

26. Improve your personal records

walking hacks to lose weight

If you keep records then try and improve you will find it a great way of motivating you to keep going. Just try and increase each day. No matter how small just a few steps is an improvement.

27. Enjoy your view

Another walking for weight loss tip is to choose a walking route that you enjoy and that inspires you. Walking in nature is soothing, it helps calm your mind too. I love walking and taking pictures which also calms me!

28. Use weight-loss music

how to increase your steps

Listening to music when you walk is hugely inspiring. It helps you walk faster when you need to and to keep going when you want to stop.

I hope these walking for weight loss tips will help you on your walking for weight loss journey. Some tips you will use others you won’t and that’s ok. It’s important to have walking for weight loss tips that fit around your lifestyle.

Happy walking!

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