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Walking Plan for Weight Loss plus 13 Weight Loss Hacks

February 6, 2019Ellen
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Walking Plan for weight loss is the first tip I want to share as walking for weight loss and walking for health go hand and hand for me. But what about a walking plan for weight loss for beginners?

If you are just starting then this post is for you. It has been something that I decided to do back in 2018 which my body was aching all over with the weight I was caring.

I was a total beginner then and I didn’t know what to do so I developed my own walking plan to suit my needs. I have been able to build up my walking endurance and my walking speed but it has taken me a little while to do that. I also found my walking posture was very poor which resulted in back ache as well as sore shins!

At the start of my walking journey it was all about gentle walking before I was able to build it up to a brisk walk. My aim has always been to walk for weight loss but also fit walking in to my everyday life for the simple fact I hate the gym and just couldn’t face heading out after a hard day at work!

I would like to think that walking is now an everyday habit for me. I do get over 10,000 steps in from Monday to Saturday and then on Sunday I have a rest – well when I say rest that’s my day for doing the housework and ironing!

walking up stairs

Starting Out Walking for Weight Loss & A Walking Plan for Weight Loss for Beginners

This is my expereince and shouldn’t be taken as any kind of advice. This is what worked for me. I hope it does help you but you really should seek medical advice before you start.

At the beginning of my journey I started out with around 5,000 steps a day and that was at a slower pace than I walk now. After getting used to walking – because honestly I did sit on my bum all day – I then increased the intensity of my pace to a brisk walk. For me, brisk walking felt like my breathing was heavier than at a slow pace, I was still able to talk, I wasn’t out of breath during this level of intensity.

Don’t worry if your speed is slower and heart rate lower during the initial weeks. Your first goal is to be able to walk for 30 to 60 minutes a day without injury. You will add speed and intensity later. Be consistent in how often and how far you walk before you try to walk faster. You are likely to discover that using good walking posture and arm motion will result in walking faster.

Walking for weight loss has helped me burn calories. Especially when I can fit walking in to my daily routine. You can read all about how walking changed my life and how I think it can change yours by visiting this post. The thing I would point out that for me it isn’t just about weight loss, it is so much more than that.

Something else I want to share with you when starting out walking. Getting the right balance of what is right for your body. When I was increasing my steps and intensity, I did overdo it one day. It resulted in soreness in areas I didn’t even know I had! The next day I wasn’t able to walk either. That’s another reason why I wanted to share these hacks with you and to provide you with a walking plan that I developed for myself after the mistake of overdoing it.

So let’s get started with those walking for weigh loss hacks:

Make walking part of your daily routine with this walking plan for weight loss

I had to find an exercise that I was happy doing but more than that I had to find something that would fit in with my everyday life. I’m not a gym person and I love to be in my PJs by 9pm each night! Anoher reason was that new habits are hard to keep up so fitting walking in at lunch time and walking to the train station to get home was the best option for me, it was also a great motivator because I have been able to keep it up.

Drink water during and after your walk for weight loss

This walking for weight loss plan is easy to follow an another tip is to drink more water. Not only does water keep you hydrated but it also helps your metabolic rate which helps you burn more calories! This is a great reason to drink water. If you are incorporating walking in to your daily routine I highly recommend you invest in a water bottle, to save you some money but also save the planet from all those plastic bottles!

A helpful guide to walking for weight loss.  Find out how to walk for weight loss including how long and where to walk for weight loss. #weightloss #walkingforweightloss

Vary your terrain on your walking for weight loss journey

A little tip I want to share is about varying your terrain. What I mean by that is to walk on different surfaces. For example my usual terrain is the pavement but at the weekend I can walk on sand at the beach near me. You could also walk on grass or cobble stones. Whatever is handy. I’ve written a blog post on ways to turn your walk in to a cardio session if you want more tips.

Invest in a good pair of walking shoes to ensure maximum walking for weight loss steps

You will normally find me in flat shoes any way but what I found was that a good pair of walking boots or walking shoes is essential to enjoying your walk. For me it was about getting a flexible shoe but also something that was waterproof that I could use in the wet weather of Ireland! If you need further help in choosing the right walking shoe head over to this blog post to get more information.

Preparing the night before for my lunch time walk

Create your own walking playlist to ensure speed during in this walking plan for weight loss

On my journey to the train station from work there are some hills, listening to music is a great motivation tool. It keeps me going and it helps me to walk faster with then beat is quicker. At times I don’t even notice how quickly I’m going. Creating a playlist of your favorite songs is a great way to go.

Alternative your routes

I have several routes that I go on when walking. It means I don’t get bored of the same one. Whatever route you take be safe. If you want some tips on staying safe when out walking I’ve written a blog post about it here.

Be prepared for all weather

The idea for me was to buy clothing which would mean I could go walking in all weathers. I purchased a waterproof coat, waterproof shoes and a waterproof bag. Of course I have gloves and a hat too especially for the winter. It’s all about being comfortable when walking which is why I buy items that will keep me walking on.

be prepared for all weather

Vary your speed

Walking at different speeds has really helped me to increase my fitness levels. Brisk walking is a great way of burning more calories. Not only that it’s great for your heart too!

Count your steps

No matter how many steps you take, take any is good for you. It was certainly good for me. Tracking that number is great for motivation. Now I am for 10,000 a day at least. The idea of 10,000 steps came from Japan, i’m delighted they came up with a round number! I use a FitBit to track my steps, floors walked, my heart rate and how well I have been sleeping and would certainly recommend it as a way of keeping track of your daily step count.

Do stealth walking

No I don’t mean going incognito and hiding! Talking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking your car further from the entrance of the shopping mall is stealth walking. You don’t really know you are doing it but it certainly helps you get your steps up and helps to burn more fat.

how long do I need to walk to lose weight

Walk up hills

Adding hills in to your walking schedule will help with the intensity of your walk but also it will help you tone up! Your legs and arms will be working harder and you will feel it in your muscles more. Head over to my blog post on how walking tones your body for more information on this.

Ditch the sports drink

For me it’s the balance between using calories and what I then put back in. I hate to drink calories and unfortunately sports drinks are full of calories. You could instead opt for water with a slice of lemon in it to give it some flavor. Have to say that’s my favorite.

Swing your arms when walking for weight loss

The reason I have a waterproof backpack is so it leaves my arms free to swing. I’m not talking army style swing, but swing nonetheless! Using your arms is supposed to burn more calories and I want all the help I can get so this simple hack is worth doing for me!

Walking is a fantastic exercise. Not only does it get you from A to B but it helps you get fit, stay healthy and lose weight. You can do as much as you want and all you need is a great pair of walking shoes and if you want to keep track of your steps a Fitbit. Above all walking is something that you can fit in to your daily routine and get all the wonderful benefits without having to go to the gym.

Happy walking.



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