how to choose the correct walking shoes for your walking for weight loss journey

Top tips for choosing the right walking shoes to help you hit your 10,000 steps

February 12, 2019Ellen
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Choosing the right walking shoes is so important. There are 3, yes a total of three pieces of kit I can’t do without on my walking for weight loss journey.

The first is my Fitbit – otherwise I wouldn’t know how many steps I had taken or how many calories I had burned, the second is a good waterproof coat so I can walk even in the rain, and finally a comfortable pair of walking shoes or walking boots.

Have you ever walked with sore feet? It’s certainly not a pleasant feeling in fact it really puts me off walking if my shoes are hurting.

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Choosing the right walking shoes or boots will ensure your feet are comfortable and allow you to reach your goal of 10,000 steps without injury, foot pain or that horrible bottom of your sole burning that can happen if your shoes aren’t fitted correctly.

Below I am going share with you some tips on the different types of walking shoes and what to look out for:

  • Everyday trainers or sometimes known as performance trainers are lightweight which you can use for short walks up to five miles.
  • For those who walk over five miles at a time and need greater comfort there are shoes which are cushioned.
  • If you have stability problems then opting for stability shoes are what you need especially since they have added motion control.

Choosing the right Walking Shoes: Why Walking Shoes & Walking Boots are different

To be honest it doesn’t matter whether you have performance shoes or stability shoes if the fit isn’t right you will have sore feet and from experience sore feet has also given me sore ankles and sore knees! So how do you get a good fit? If you have a shoe store near you then go in and talk to a staff member. Go to a place that would cater for those who run. They will know a lot about trainers and will spend time getting you the right fit. They may even offer you a foot analysis which will indicate whether you have a low arch or a high arch. A top tip here, if the shoes you are looking at are too expensive, say you need to think about it. Then head online and see if you can find them cheaper elsewhere. You will know they are the correct fit because you tried them on in store.

One of the unique differences between walking shoes and walking boots and running shoes is that when we walk we strike our heel first where as runners strike the ground around the mid sole. This is a subtle difference but one to consider when purchasing a pair of walking shoes or walking boots.

When I first started on my walking for weight loss journey I ended up with shin splints. That’s why choosing the right walking shoes are important. It was so blooming painful and I didn’t know what to do. I figured out two things, firstly I was going too fast at the start of my journey and secondly I didn’t have the correct walking shoes. My shoes weren’t flexible enough so as a rule I know ensure my walking shoes are flexible at the front so that my feet can move easily through each step.

Tips on choosing the right walking shoes

When I am looking for the right walking shoe or walking boot I consider the following, hopefully these tips will help you make the right choice too:

  • Heels. It should not flare out like some shoes do especially those for runners.
  • Twist and shout! Take that shoe in your hands and twist it, you want to make sure it bends easily at the ball of the foot to help ensure you don’t get shin splints like I did!
  • Give them a try. Try on and walk around the shop to make sure they feel comfortable too.

The most important thing from my point of view when selecting shoes was the fit and price. I tried not to get caught up in the label game and go instead for something that would feel like walking on air! Of course there are shoes out there with numerous bells and whistles but the main thing is they are comfortable for your needs.

Very comfortable walking shoes/trainers from Nike although can only wear them in the summer – they aren’t waterproof and they dirty easily!

Tips on choosing walking boots

Walking boots are slightly different, they really do depend on the type of terrain you are walking on. I purchased a pair of walking boots for the winter, the sole is great if it’s icy. What is different about the walking boots from walking shoes is the stiffness of the sole and the height of the ankle. You do get more support and I love my boots. In fact you will see me wearing them with dresses too!

More: Are Walking & Running Shoes the Same

Walking boots are there to give you support but they can be flexible too as they help your feet move naturally, my boots are very comfortable and the leather is so soft. The boots I have are really for even surfaces.

If however, you are going to be walking o uneven ground up windy paths then having a more rigid boot is probably the best. Having one to support your ankle is probably best.

Of course, it can be expensive if you need to purchase walking shoes or walking boots depending on the terrain. That is why I rely on a middle of the road walking shoes and walking boots. If they are comfortable and you can walk in them that’s great. I think being able to try them out is the best option.

I love these Merrell leather boots which are so soft and fluffy inside and you can walk on ice too!

Choosing the Right Walking Shoes: Getting the correct fit

Funny story this – well it wasn’t at the time – I have been wearing the wrong size shoes for years. I always thought I was one size and when I realised that I suffered from hammer toe (you don’t want to know!) it was only then that I started purchasing a size up. My feet thanked me for that decision. Honestly I wonder sometimes how I managed to wear a size too small for most of my adult life! My tip is to get your feet measured and get the correct size shoe for you. The main benefit for me has been having room for my toes to wiggle so they no longer feel crushed.

Choosing the Right Walking Shoes: Waterproof or not?

Not all of my walking shoes and boots are waterproof. However most walking shoes now come with a waterproof membrane so you won’t get soggy feet. The Adidas walking shoes below are 100% waterproof as I wanted a pair I could walk to the train station in on those horrible wet days. And we get a lot of them in Ireland! Another positive about the walking shoes below is that they are made of Gore-Tex which allows my feet to breath but also means they don’t get wet.

These are my Adidas Gore Tex which are waterproof. Very comfortable indeed.

Choosing the Right Walking Shoes: Leather or synthetic?

It’s really your choice. I have leather and synthetic and both are good from my perspective. I also believe that technology has advanced so much that there isn’t much difference in either leather or synthetic these days. Again it’s about your choice and what makes your feet feel comfortable.

choosing the correct walking boots

Don’t forget about your socks

What has also make a different to my feet and walking has been my socks. I came across bamboo socks a few months back and they are fantastic. They are anti-bacterial, wick away sweat and feel soft to the touch. Honestly socks can make or break a pair of walking shoes so I highly recommend considering your sock choice too.

I hope these tips will help you choose the right shoe for you to help you hit your 10,000 steps target.

Happy walking!

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