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Simple hacks to lose weight without really trying

January 31, 2019Ellen
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This is my weight loss journey to lose weight without really trying! Losing weight is extremely hard work and I have tried really hard in the past and lost weight. Put it all back on of course so this time I decided to try and lose weight without really trying. My reason is simple, it seems that if I believe I am cutting down or cutting out foods or indeed on a diet, that is the time that I think about food the most!

The second part is the food elements. After a hard day at work finding the strength to curb my love for cake and chocolate is hopeless. That gets me nowhere. So my idea isn’t to resist food but to make small changes or food swaps that won’t make me feel that I’m on a diet or cutting food out.

My willpower becomes very week during this method so I thought to myself what about trying to lose weight without really trying and see how that goes? What do I mean by not really trying, well there are two elements to this.

This first is the exercise part. I love walking but for me it has to be walking that I can fit in to my daily routine, otherwise I won’t do it. If I can get my 10,000 steps in before I get home from work then RESULT! I’m not a gym person and like to be in my PJs by 9pm at night! Rock and roll lifestyle here folks!!!

My Why

There are a number of reasons for doing this. I’m in my 40’s now and things are starting to concern me in relation to my health. Not so long ago, before I started walking for exercise, my joints would ache after sitting for a bit and then getting up. It was just so uncomfortable to walk. I also found that my fitness level was extremely poor. Not to mention my clothes were getting uncomfortable too. Getting older means there is more chance of tings going wrong and my ultimate why is I want to live a long and healthy life. I want to enjoy my retirement when I get to it and be healthy, fit and limber!

Simple hacks to help you lose weight without really trying

Before starting this journey I researched for hints and tips that will help me along the way, after all I can’t be the only one wanting to lose weight without really trying?

Seems I am not alone! This is great news for me but also for you if you want to give it a go too. I’ve listed below some of the simple hacks I have come across that I am going to use to help me lose weight without really trying.

sleep can help you lose weight
Getting your beauty sleep means you can lose weight. I’m off to bed now!

A Good Night’s Sleep

There are a couple of reasons I’m going to use this. When you get a good night’s sleep it increases a hormone leptin which suppresses your appetite. Whereas if you don’t get enough sleep it has the opposite effect meaning your appetite increase and you eat more. However, I’ve also figured out when I’m in bed or sleeping I don’t eat – haha! So it is one of the easiest ways of losing weight without really trying that I will continue to do! It’s just so easy.

smaller plates and bowls means fewer calories
Trick your mind with a smaller plate or bowl

Change your Plates

This is something my husband and I have talked about on numerous occasions. Reducing portion size but doing it by switching our dinner plates to smaller plates. It is supposed to work as it tricks your brain in to feeling it is getting a bigger meal than it actually is. I’m going to give this a go and see how it turns out.

drink water to help you lose weight
Are you hungry or is it thirst? Only one way to find out – DRINK!

Drink More Water

I totally started doing this and it has worked wonders. It has been scientifically proven too that drinking water before meal times makes you eat less! Although I have started to drink more water in general although it is hard during winter. I also drink a cup of water if I feel peckish. Sometimes I don’t know if I am hungry or thirsty so I start with water first and often than not, I don’t eat anything. Result!

chew your food to help you lose weight
Chew your food to help you lose weight although I would stay away from plastic cakes!

Chew your Food

Yes I do chew my food however, I don’t chew it enough. Apparently our brain needs time to process when you are full so if we keep chomping fast we will continue to eat. I’ve started to chew my food slowly and I have to say it has meant I enjoy it more but also I know when I am full. I’m hoping this means I won’t over eat.

lose weight by being present for your food
Leave the phone down for 10 minutes while you eat! Enjoy it and lose weight by being present!

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Eat Without Distraction

I didn’t fully appreciate this one until I tried it. Just to give you an example, there are times when in work I am eating my lunch while surfing. Before I know it my lunch has been eaten and I would wonder where on earth did that go! Of course it went in my mouth but I wasn’t present for it – it was almost as if I was on auto-pilot. That is why paying attending is another tip to help you eat fewer calories. I was astonished at how I lost track of what I had eaten. Again there is scientific proof for this that people who are distracted during a meal are more than likely going to eat 10% more tahn those who aren’t distracted!

don't drink your calories
Don’t drink more calories than you need

Don’t Drink your Calories

Drinking sugary drinks meals you probably don’t realise how many calories you are consuming. I have to say I refuse to drink my calories! I like cake and chocolate too much! Sugary drinks gives us all the calories but doesn’t fill us up. I have stopped doing this and instead go for low calorie alternatives and save my calories for something more substantial 😉

These are just some of the hacks I am trying to lose weight without really trying. For me it is about making simple lifestyle changes that don’t make me feel that I’m on a diet – drastic or not! I do hope these hacks help you if you want to lose weight without really trying – just like me.

Happy walking and losing weight without really trying 🙂

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