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7 Reasons to Start Walking – free ebook

June 2, 2019Ellen
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If you take a look around, it is very likely that you will see almost every other person just sitting their life away. That’s right- sitting their life away.

The expression is not just a saying but actually means something. For starters, it tells us that too much sitting is definitely not a good thing to do. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle where physical movement has become seriously restricted can lead to nothing good.

Some experts even consider this type of chronic sitting as deadly as smoking. Apart from stating the obvious that a sedentary lifestyle will obviously bring forth issues like poor health and weight gain, there is a whole plethora of other aspects of sitting down for prolonged periods that can not only be detrimental to health but actually speed up mortality.

Read why walking is important for you

7 Reasons to Start Walking Now

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