tips to freshen up after your lunch time walk

How to freshen up after exercise with no shower

September 9, 2018Ellen
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How to freshen up after exercise when you don’t have a shower can be tough. Fitting a brisk walk in during my lunch time break is a must for me.  If you want to know how to rock your lunch time walk then head over to this blog post.  After a brisk lunch time walk I often need to freshen up but unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of shower facilities at work and really don’t have a lot of time either.

My tips to freshen up after exercise or a brisk lunch time walk will help you get back to work quickly and without feeling like you are hassled or a sweaty mess either!

I’ve put together a small clean up kit that I carry with me at all times.  It fits neatly in my handbag or I also have the option to leave it in my desk drawer.  This is what I have in it:

Body wipe.:  I prefer to use body wipes that come ready to use in a travel-size.  They have proved vital to me.  There are many different brands out there but these ones are just the cheap ones.

Facial cleansing wipes.  I can often suffer from using strong perfume wipes on my face so I opt for the Gentle cleansing ones.  These ones are soft on my skin and are different to the body wipes.  I also use these ones when taking my make up off at night.

Deodorant.  I opt for roll one as it’s small and easy to carry.  I also find this one works best for me and is lovely and fresh smelling too.

Scrunchie/hair band.  I’ve shoulder length hair so when heading out for a walk I usually put my hair up but if I forget it’s good to have a spare in your bag for when you get back.  Tie your hair up away from your face as it helps to cool you down too.

tips to freshen up after your lunch time walk

Comb/brush: Ideal to fix your hair after a brisk walk.  It can get damp which is why I often try and keep it up away from my face.

An extra pair of undergarments.  Maybe too much information here but walking briskly can mean sweating a bit so I bring a pair of undergarments with me just in case I need to freshen up.  Nothing worse that having cold wet garments next to your skin!

tips to freshen up after your lunch time walk

A facecloth.  I use the facecloth to stand on when I am getting freshened up, better than standing on the floor I find!

Perfume.  I often bring some perfume with me to add after getting refreshed.  It adds a nice fresh smell as if you really are just out of the shower and getting ready as you would in the morning.

A bag.  I like to travel light so being able to put all my items in a small bag is essential.  It’s a discreet little bag and can be kept in your handbag or in your desk drawer.

tips to freshen up after your lunch time walk

This is such an easy kit to put together.  Once you have this you are ready to go for a brisk lunch time walk whenever you want.  Just remember though before heading out for your brisk walk put your hair up if you can.  And remember to have the best of fun on your lunch time walk.

Post-walk, I often have a routine that I follow.  Below I’ve broken it down in to sections in case you may find some of this helpful to you.  If you do follow these quick tips you will be clean and smelling fresh in no time at all!


First I try and cool myself down. In order to cool down quickly I get myself in a cubicle and take off my clothes.  I often stand on the facecloth that I packed in my kit.  Next step I basically have a shower with the body wipes!  Using the body wipe to its full effect, giving everything a wipe down apart from my face which I will discuss below.


I use the facial cleansing wipes, using it from the top of my face to the bottom and ensuring that I get any smudged make off too.  It’s really important to cleanse your face after a work out and get all the sweat off as it can cause bacteria and if you are prone to blemishes this should keep them at bay.

I do have a make up bag too that I bring to work with me but I use minimal make up anyway so it’s a small bag.  I use power, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.  Very quick to reapply too!


My hair is fine and when I come back from a brisk walk, it isn’t that bad as I often have it tied away from my face.  However if you find your hair isn’t looking too good after your brisk walk I highly recommend dry shampoo.  It often refreshes hair in no time at all.  I keep my hair tied back after a brisk walk but do comb it through so there are no tangles in it.

Finishing touches

Deodorant is a must after you use the body wipes.  I allow it to dry for a moment or two before putting on my top.  I put on a clean pair of undergarments. Get dressed again and put on some perfume.

So there you have it, how I get freshened up after a brisk lunch time walk. The above takes me no longer than 10 minutes.  After getting dressed and I’m ready to head back to the desk, I take a few moments to compose myself.  After all you have just been working out.  I take some more water and then am ready to return to my desk.

I have to say that I think working out during lunch time is a great way to get my daily steps in and not worry about trying to fit it in when i get home from work.  I hope the above helps you if you want to head out for a brisk lunch time walk.  Of course none of us want to be sweaty and smelly returning to work – especially if you have meetings in the afternoon!  With a little preparation and the key ingredients I have mentioned above you will manage to get that brisk lunch time walk and transition back in to your office with very little hassle or stress.

The main thing is to plan ahead and figure out how to freshen up after exercise when you don’t have a shower.  What you are looking for is a quick and efficient lunch time walk.  Out and back in no time at all.  The key items you will need as I’ve noted above are body wipes, facial wipes, deodorant, perfume/cologne, change of undergarments, comb, something to keep your hair back. Having a brisk lunch time walk is manageable even without a shower. No excuses now, just go out and get walking.

Happy walking.

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how to freshen up after exercise and no shower

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