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Interval Walking for Weight Loss & Fat Burning

June 18, 2019Ellen
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Walking to lose weight is a great way to shift those pounds but also to burn fat. It is a very effective and convient way of doing it as you can fit it in to your daily schedule without having to go to the gym!

If however, you want to speed the weight loss and fat loss up then I highly recommend interval walking . Interval walking will most certainly boost your weight loss and fat burning without you having to increase the time you spend walking – sounds great doesn’t it?

interval walking

The science tells us that researchers found that when they studied womenw who were overweight and they did a 45 minute interval walking routine and added in another boost of toning exercises four times per week they lost 23lb in 16 weeks!

That is amazing results. The science proves that you can fast track your weight loss and fat loss by interval walking. A very easy fix if you ask me!

Free Walking for Weight Loss Plan

What Is Interval Walking?

Quite simply interval walking is going faster for short amounts of time. In those short bursts you are going faster so you will burn more calories and more fat. Each interval is timed so you won’t get exhausted and you can recover in between times.

Not only will you lose weight and fat faster but interval training will also improve your overall level of fitness too. A win/win situation.

Here’s an interval walking program for you…

First, you need to have a timer at hand when you go out walking. This can be a watch or your phone. You really don’t need any fancy equipment.

Learn how to walk for weight loss

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Next, you’ll want to warm up. It really doesn’t matter what type of exercise you are doing, begin with a warm up will help ensure your muscles are ready for the walk and interval walk. Starting out warm up up with gentle walking pace for about 5 minutes. When you have finished your warm up then start your interval walking as noted below:

5 minutesAfter your warm up, walk at a moderate pace to warm up.
10 minutesRepeat the following five times:
Walk briskly for 20 seconds.
Walk fast for 20 seconds.
Walk moderately for 20 seconds.
2 minutesWalk briskly.
5 minutesContinue brisk/fast/moderate walk.
3 minutesWalk briskly.
Repeat if you have more time

Fat bursting quick fixes

I also wanted to share with you some fat bursting quick fixes to go with your interval walking. These are simple things you can do to increase your weight and fat loss.


Ensuring you breathe deeply and don’t hold your breath will ensure you lungs are filling up with oxygen. This will improve your endurance and it will help burn more fat.

Work your abs

Engaging your core will help get rid of more fat. Hold your core in when walking, this will also ensure you are walking at the correct angle and will stop you getting aches and pains in your back.

Use your upper body

While you can use your arms more effectively walking by swinging your arms you may want to use weights at certain points to make the best use of your upper body muscles.

Shorter steps

If you keep your steps short rather than stretching out it helps with your walking posture and helps you burn more calories and ease any discomfort on your joints.

Tips to lose weight walking indoors

A word from me

There are other things to consider when using interval walking for weight loss and fat loss that I want to share with you.

  • Frequency: In order to make the most of this routine and to speed up your weight loss from walking doing this routine at least 3 times per week is recommended or if you have time doing it 5 times would be better! Of course if you are a beginner you need to check with your doctor first before attempting this. If you feel uncomfortable then give yourself the rest you need and then try again.
  • Time: Try to follow the recommended interval walking times suggested. However if you feel you are not ready for this then reduce the times until you are. This is something you could aim for when you feel fitter. You can then gradually increase your interval walking times over a longer period.

And remember, as well as checking with your doctor always, always warm up and cool down. Warming up is about preparing your joints, muscles and heart for the exercise ahead. Whereas, cooling down is about preparing your body to return to the pre-exercise state and to help prevent soreness in your muscles and to prevent injury too!

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Want to speed up your walking for weight loss journey? Here are some tips to up your weight loss game with interval walking. Find out more here.
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