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Tips to lose weight indoor walking

April 16, 2019Ellen
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Indoor walking is something you can do if you want to exercise but the weather is too hot, too cold or too wet.

Indoor walking is also great if you don’t want anyone to see you exercise. Whatever your reason you can still get your steps in without having to leave the house or going outdoors.


Some of the benefits of indoor walking are the convenience for you, the access to water, the restrooms and it can mix things up a bit if you are a bit bored with your current routine.

Below I’ve listed some ways in which you can do indoor walking so you can lose weight:

walking for weight loss

March in place

This is a great indoor walking tip. Marching in place is something that is helpful when you work. You can stand up from your desk and get your steps in.

It also applies if you are watching your favorite TV program. Get off the sofa and start marching in place. Those steps soon add up. This one might sound boring, at first. But there are plenty of ways to make it more exciting.

You can watch your favorite TV or Netflix shows while walking in place. And if you tell yourself you’re only allowed to watch those shows while walking, you’ll quickly get into a walking habit.

A tip when marching on the spot, alternate with squats every 250 steps. This will help tone your legs too!


Walking Body & Mind

Walk around the house and/or garden

You can increase your steps by walking around your home and garden. You can loop through each room, trace your garden perimeter and you could also tidy up as you go. Just taking one thing at a time to increase your steps!

​Use the stairs

Using the stairs is another great way of increasing your steps and toning at the same time. Of course you don’t have to stick to going up and down them once, keep it going two or three times and your heart will also be getting a great work out too.

how walking gets you fit

Create a circuit in your home

How about burning even more calories for weight loss? Sound like a good idea? Then create a circuit in your home. Designate each room for a particular exercise.

An example of an indoor circuit could be:

  1. Walk to kitchen and do 10 arm curls with cans of soup.
  2. Walk to the living room and do 10 star jumps.
  3. Walk to the bedroom and do 10 push ups.
  4. Walk to the front door and do 10 burpees.
  5. Walk around the house and garden and then start again!

Ways to Walk Indoors Away From Home

Even when you are away from home or your home isn’t big enough to walk around, you can still walk indoors for weight loss.

I’ve pulled together some things you can do to increase your step count. Why not give one of these indoor walking options a go.

indoor walking for weight loss


If you have space in your home or garage, there is always the option of a treadmill. You can pick up a cheap treadmill these days or opt for a second hand one.

Treadmills also come with inclines so you can mix up your routine and make it more interesting. You can also use the treadmill when you are watching your favorite Netflix program!

The good news about a treadmill is that you don’t need an expert to take you through the different options. All you need to do is read the instructions and go.

If boredom does become a factor then listen to some music or set up a TV beside it. You could watch your favorite program or you could watch an exercise work out to motivate you to keep going.

indoor walking for weight loss

Indoor tracks

You may want to opt for walking at an indoor track especially if the weather is cold and snow is on the ground. Just put in your home town and indoor track to find out the location of your nearest one.

Some gyms and health facilities also offer indoor walking and running tracks. Again search your local area and make sure you know the rules you have to adhere to to ensure a smooth free session.

Shopping malls

There has been an increase in shopping mall walking in recent years. It’s a great choice as it’s large, warm and has many facilities.

You can also stop at the end of your workout with your friends and have a coffee and a chat!

Due to the popularity of mall walking, many malls now open early for walkers. They are probably hoping you will stay after your workout and buy something!

It’s a great place when the weather is awful but also if you want to feel more secure if it’s dark outside. Not to mention you don’t have to contend with traffic!

The only drawback I can foresee is if the floor has tiles. These can be slippy so you may want to ensure you have a suitable pair of trainers that provide good cushioning and grip.

Another drawback is dependant on the time, if you go when it’s busy for a quick walk, you may become frustrated if you are held up by shoppers. Ensure you go at a time when there isn’t as much footfall.

indoor walking for weight loss

Office building

Do you work in an office building? Then walk up and down the stairs several times to increase your step count. This will help you build muscle in your legs to make them stronger. It will also help with endurance for longer walks too.


The CDC have encouraged many airports to make it easy for passengers to get their daily steps in. This has resulted in airports investing in walking paths to help you get fit while waiting on your flight. Below are just a few of them to try out…

1. Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW): Take a 1.75-mile walk from D6 to D40, with optional step courses in the form of 55-foot high staircases at Terminal D’s two Skylink people mover stations. Enjoy the artwork along the path as a part of your journey!

2. Indianapolis Airport (IND): Travelers through IND have four tracks to choose from: ¼ mile through ticketing, two ½ mile tracks in each concourse, and a 1.1-mile track around both concourses.

3. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP): Passengers can join the 1.4-mile walking path in Terminal 1-Lindbergh at any time and track their progress around the loop, adding extra concourses if time permits.

4. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE): Located in all three concourses, these 1.5 mile paths offer a way to stay in shape between connections. The CLE Health Walk was created through a collaboration between Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, The City of Cleveland’s Department of Public Health, and the American Heart Association.

5.   Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG): The four Fit to Fly walking routes are marked in Baggage Claim, the Tunnel and in Concourses A & B, enabling passengers to burn calories while waiting for their flights. Water bottle filling stations are also available along each route.

indoor walking for weight loss

6. Baltimore-Washington International Airport Thurgood Marshall (BWI): BWI has both a two-mile indoor walking track and 12.5-mile trail around the airport grounds. The BWI Cardio Trail consists of two different loops in the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport terminal. Both are designated American Heart Association Walking Paths. To walk each loop takes approximately 20 minutes.

7. Tampa International Airport (TPA):  The Tampa airport offers walking routes through the main terminal as well as Airsides A, C, E, and F. Download maps of each course to keep moving while you wait. 

8. McCarran International Airport (LAS): McCarran’s FlyFit program is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine. FlyFit encourages airport fitness by sharing with travelers convenient walking paths throughout the terminals. Individual maps here and range from approximately one-half to 1.5 miles in length, located in both secure and non-secured areas at McCarran.

9. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX): Part of a city-wide health initiative, the Sky Harbor Fitness Trail between gates A30 and D8 covers just over a mile of distance where passengers can take in scenic views of the mountains and the city skyline. 

Walking videos

Check out these YouTube indoor walking videos to keep you motivated on your journey to lose weight.

No matter what space you have in your home, if you can stand in front of your TV just start the workout and you will have increased your steps in no time at all.

Indoor walking videos can also help with boredom from just walking on the spot too.

how walking helps reduce blood pressure

What Are The Benefits of Walking?

Helps with your muscle strength

I can hardly begin to tell you how blooming sore I was before I started walking every day.  I would be in so much pain. It really didn’t matter whether I had been sitting for five minutes or an hour.  It felt the same.  Just stiff and horrible muscle soreness in my hips, pelvis area and knees.  I was starting to get really concerned.

That was until I started walking. I have found that my muscles don’t feel the pain any more.  My muscles seem to have become stronger.  It’s not just me saying that.  Many studies show that walking is good for muscle.  For keeping your muscles strong and for boosting circulation and blood flow round your muscles too.

Another benefit of walking every day is that you are getting low impact exercise.  This means there isn’t as much strain on your bones and muscles as say running.  I can remember trying the coach to 5k running program.  It really did do damage to my lower back and all that pounding didn’t feel right on my knees either!

Helps prevent varicose veins

It is so difficult to do exercise that helps prevent things.  If I’m not suffering from it currently it is a tough sell to actually do something to prevent it!  However, another benefit of walking every day is that it helps to drain off any excess fluid that may be in your legs.  This in turn helps prevent varicose veins as the pumping action of the muscles in the calf do a great job of increasing the oxygen supply and getting rid of any waste products in the tissue.

Helps you reduce your eating

I was off work for 2 weeks holiday.  We didn’t go anywhere but stayed at home.  I ate so blooming much.  I also reduced my walking those two weeks.  I just couldn’t believe how much I was eating all because I wasn’t getting my regular walking in.  It could be seen as boredom eating or stress eating.  Walking allows you go exercise and release your happy hormones meaning you feel good about yourself.  If you feel good about yourself, you are less likely to go reach for the chocolate biscuits.

Good as you get older

I’m less inclined to do aeriobics these days and I believe it’s down to my age.  Walking seems to be “the one”.  I can do it with no equipment, I can fit it in my daily routine, I can do it alone or with family.  I also know it’s good for me as I get older.  Indeed a study in 2014 showed that walking from an early age can help you stay mobile and independent during your later years.  My husband’s primary school teacher lives round the corner from us, she is some age now but she is out morning, noon and night walking her dog.  She also goes to yoga classes.  She is so fit, nimble and lean.  I will be like that when I’m her age.  She really is an inspiration.

Prevents Type 2 diabetes

There is strong evidence that walking will help prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes.  In fact a doctor in England regularly prescribes walking as a medical treatment after it dramatically improved the health of a number of his patients including preventing and reducing Type 2 diabetes.  He also found it meant fewer drugs needed to be prescribed.

Unfortunately my mum needs to take an awful lot of drugs for her illness.  It’s about 20 per day.  I would prefer to go walking now so I don’t have to take any medication later on.

Walking helps burn belly fat

Walking burns calories and it burns fat.  So it does indeed burn belly fat too.  I am noticing a slow reduction in body fat on the scales each week.  This happens even if you don’t change your diet but if you do change your diet, walking will burn belly fat even quicker.  Walking every day also helps tone your legs, tone your bum and reduce cellulite.

Walking doesn’t have side effects

Ok maybe if you have underlying health issues you may find it hard walking but by and large there are no side effects from walking.  Walking is for everyone, children, mums, dads, grandparents.  No matter what we can all give it a go, we just have to get up and start walking.  You don’t have to go outside either if the weather isn’t great.  You can walk up and down your stairs, march on the spot, walk to the bottom of your garden and back a few times.  It’s really up to you how you fit walking in to your schedule.

Walking can help lower high blood pressure.  The American Hearth Association recommends walking three to four times per week if you need to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol.  This is also recommended by health professionals in Canada and in the UK.  Brisk walking was the top recommendation and the most effective because it can be fitted in to our daily routine.

Decreases blood pressure

I have only ever experienced high blood pressure twice in my life. During my two pregnancies.  It wasn’t fun and being on medication wasn’t something I liked at all.  Walking has shown that it reduces both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.  Getting high blood pressure under control will dramatically reduce your risk of stroke and other heart-related illnesses.  Your doctor will be amazed when you get your blood pressure under control by walking!

Reduces symptoms of mild depression

We seem to be in an epidmeic of mental health issues.  Life can be so stressful these days.  Walking has been recommended as a way of managing and reducing mild depression.  Not just the act of walking but because you are getting out in to the fresh air, your body is also producing happy hormones too.  There is also the social aspect of walking such as saying good morning to other walkers or taking a family member of friend with you.

Can be pain relief for your back

I’ve talked before about the problems I had with my lower back.  The pain was awful going from my lower back right down my left leg.  Walking helps with back pain by releasing endorphins which stop pain.  So not only will walking help you stay mobile it will also help you reduce the pain your are having in your lower back.

Walking gives your whole body a workout. You don’t need any special equipment, classes or even skills. It’s something that you’re doing anyway, just take the time to turn it into a workout regime, and you won’t believe the results you’ll see. Winter doesn’t need to get you down – get walking!

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