how to get your body ready for walking for weight loss

How to get your body ready to walk for weight loss

April 12, 2019Ellen
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Want to get your body ready to walk for weight loss? This is for you. Now that spring is here, with longer days and the warm weather just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start to increase your walking for weight loss journey.

Free Walking for Weight Loss Plan

Spring Clean Clothing & Gear

Now that the warmer weather is knocking on the door, it’s important that you change from your winter walking gear to lighter layers for spring and summer.

If you are new to walking or are continuing your journey you can head over to my post on spring walking outfits which will give you some inspiration on tops, bottoms and sneakers too!

I’ve listed some helpful pointers below to get you started to think about your walking for weight loss outfits:

  • Spring/summer gear: If you already have spring/summer gear then check it still fits and is in tip top condition – it may need a freshen up if it has been stored away all winter.
  • Walking shoes: Take advantage of the spring cleaning vibe and check over your walking shoes and boots and make sure they are still going to serve you well for the season ahead.
  • Tops: If you are buying new tops then ones that wick away the sweat are the best in all weathers but especially in warmer weather.
  • Head gear: With the sun beaming down, it’s important that you take the necessary action to stop your head from over heating. A hat or sun visor is the thing, another positive is that it keeps your hair back from your face too!
  • Socks: I can’t emphasis this enough but socks are so very important. Having socks that wick away sweat will make it easier to walk and support your feet too.
  • Water Bottles: Be sure you sufficient water when you are out for your walk during the hotter weather as you don’t want to end up dehydrated. You may need to buy a larger water bottle for the season.

Walk for weight loss – spring tune your muscles!

In anticipation of long spring and summer walks for weight loss, now is the time to start working on toning up those leg muscles. This will help you walk for longer and further, remember to start off slow and stretch before starting out on your walks.

Another tip I want to share is that adding in some strength training to other muscle groups such as your arms will benefit you on your walking for weight loss journey. If you’re watching TV get two cans of soup and use them as weights!

Working your legs

Walking for weight loss will be of benefit in toning you legs, however you may want to work different parts of your legs. It’s very easy to do this. You could walk up and down stairs, cycle or add in some hills to your walk.

Working your upper body

While you can use your arms more effectively walking by swinging your arms you may want to use weights at certain points to make the best use of your upper body muscles.

Warming up your core

Core muscles are essential for every day tasks but they are especially useful for keeping you in a good posture for walking. Keeping your tummy pulled in while walking will help you work your core muscles.

Spring clean your walk for weight loss goals

Time to look at your goals and spring clean them too! So if we are going to ensure walking for weight loss journey becomes a daily habit and you hit your goal we also must consider:

  • Doing it regularly
  • Have a cue to do it
  • We do it without thinking.

The essentials of a goal setting are:


First up is setting yourself some goals. If you are only starting out on your walking for weight loss journey and haven’t walked up to 5 miles in a day then starting off with 10,000 steps may not be the best start. I know from experience that when I started walking I had a set back because my body was simply not ready going from 4,000 steps a day to 10,000. I ached all over! The trick is to set yourself a realistic goal that will keep you focused. Yes you do want it to be challenging but also you want it to be realistic especially if you haven’t walked 10,000 steps a day before.

If you are just starting out then I highly recommend you download this planner, it gets you walking at a pace that you can realistically keep at when you are just starting out. This plan is based on what I did to get my body used to more walking.

It’s a great idea to write down your goals too so you can keep track of how well you are progressing. There’s nothing like seeing how far you have come, and with every little bit more you do it will encourage you to do more and keep going!

Tools for your Walk for Weight loss

Spring clean your eating & drinking habits

During winter I feel like hibernating and often over eat. Well with spring i the air and the warmer weather on the way I want to shed some more weight. There are more daylight hours and we often feel more motivated. Below I’ve some tips on how to spring clean your eating habits.

  • Eat more fruit and vegetables: With the warm weather there are much more variety of fruit and vegetables, try something new and embrace it.
  • Change your plates: Reducing portion size but doing it by switching large plates to smaller plates. It is supposed to work as it tricks your brain in to feeling it is getting a bigger meal than it actually is.
  • Drink more water: It has been scientifically proven too that drinking water before meal times makes you eat less! 
  • Chew your food: Apparently our brain needs time to process when you are full so if we keep chomping fast we will continue to eat.
  • Don’t Drink your calories: Drinking sugary drinks means you probably don’t realize how many calories you are consuming. I have to say I refuse to drink my calories! I like cake and chocolate too much! Sugary drinks gives us all the calories but doesn’t fill us up. I have stopped doing this and instead go for low calorie alternatives and save my calories for something more substantial.

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Want to know how to walk for weight loss? Learn how to get your body ready for walking to lose weight. These top tips will help you lose weight now.
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