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Here’s how many calories do you burn walking

February 18, 2019Ellen
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How many calories do you burn walking? 2000 steps burns approximately 100 calories. If you want to burn more calories then fitting in more steps in a stealth way is ideal if you want to not only get your 10,000 steps but if you are wanting to go beyond your 10,000 steps too.

You could use up to 100 extra calories by taking an additional 2000 steps ad if you can do this in a way that you don’t notice then that is a huge bonus! So if your goal is to walk for weight loss then this is one trick you will wan to know about.

Free Walking for Weight Loss Plan

How many calories do you burn walking: more steps per day to burn more calories

If you aim for an additional 2,000 you will be burning off 100 calories. So this is a great place to start if this is your first time exercising in a while but also if you want to continue on your walking for weight loss journey. Taking an additional 2,000 steps will take you anything from 15 minutes to 25 minutes depending on your speed.

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How many calories do you burn walking: Know your step count

If you want to burn more calories then I highly recommend you track your steps with a Fitbit so you can see how many steps you are taking. It’s important to wear your Fitbit at all times as it counts the steps you do even if it’s just from your living room to the kitchen. This is a great device when you are starting out, it will tell you how many steps you take on a daily basis, you can then start by increasing by 2,000 which is an additional 100 calories burned.

You could make a daily challenge of it and write your progress down in a journal. If you need other tips for starting on your walking for weight loss journey then head to my blog post 28 Walking for weight loss tips.

How many calories do you burn walking: Easy ways to add more steps to your day without even realizing it

I want to share with you some easy ways to get more steps in to your day without having to think too much about it and without realizing you are doing it!

Stealth Steps at work and home to burn more calories

  • Park in the furthest parking space at work so you can get more steps to your work door.
  • Take public transport like me? Get off the bus a stop before your usual step and walk the rest of the way. This also helps by varying your walking route too to make it more enjoyable.
  • Is there another entrance to your work which is further? Use that entrance instead of your usual one. This may also involve stairs which is a bonus!
  • Stand when you can, for example if you are on the phone in work stand and march on the spot. Waiting for your bus? Pace up and down rather than sitting or standing still.
  • Have meetings? I often have meetings throughout the day, walk round the room, get up for some water, get up for tea – just don’t sit the whole time.Will a small glass with water so when you need to refill you get up and go to the kitchen. The idea is to get you up and walking as much as possible.
  • An easy one is to take the stairs rather than the elevator.
  • Go old fashioned and walk to talk to your colleague rather than email them. In fact do this with family and friends that live close by you.
  • Place the remote control away from where you are sitting so when you need to change the challenge you have to get up and walk to them.
  • While watching your favorite TV program march on the spot when the commercials are on.
  • When shopping in town, park the furthermost car park and walk round town to do your errands rather than picking the closest spot.
  • After grocery shopping, the the trolley back to the front door of the store.
  • Forget the drive through – park your car and head in to the shop – it will probably be quicker anyway – well that has been my experience!

Short stealth walks to burn more calories

  • Marching while waiting is a great way to get in steal walks. Every hour march for 250 steps at least.
  • Use your lunch break effectively and get out and walk. I have a post on how to lose weight on your lunch time walk.
  • Walk the dog or if you don’t have a dog, offer to walk your neighbors!
  • Ditch the car, walk short trips instead such as to the shop for milk.
  • If you have kids and like me you are a taxi service, instead of sitting in the car waiting for them, go for a brisk walk.

Walking with a buddy to burn more calories

  • Start a walking group with your colleagues to motivate each other.
  • You could set up a walking group in your neighborhood even if it’s with moms it will help motivate you all and it’s also great for a good natter!
  • Take the family on walks – in fact I’m not long back going for a walk with my teenager. It’s a great way to connect with teenagers especially. Make a family habit of taking a 10- to 20-minute walk after dinner together or first thing in the morning.
  • Chart your walking miles on a map of a trail or highway for a family or workplace walking challenge.
  • Chart your walking and set a reward when you reach your walking goals.

Walking Activities for the Weekend to burn more calories

  • Take your family to the local parks and enjoy what is on offer. You could plan to visit several over the coming months. Plus it’s free although be warned kids will want an ice-cream!
  • Walk on the beach if there is one near you or a local lake. Take a camera with you and document your walk. A great idea for building up a picture wall in your home!
  • There are many free walking tours of towns and cities so why not join in that free walking tour to get more steps?

Walking Steps Distance to burn more calories

I have a lot of data from my FitBit that tells me 10,000 steps is approximately 5 miles. That would work out for every 2,000 steps you take it’s approximately one mile. Below I’ve worked out some info which you may want to know when conidering increasing your steps.

  • 2,000 steps = approximately 1 mile
  • 200 steps = an average 1 block
  • 1,200 steps = will take you about 12 minutes of walking

Stealth walking is great, you can make some small changes and you could end up burning at least 100 extra calories in your day. It really is a great way to start your walking for weight loss journey. These can all be done in addition to your usual walking from walking during your lunch break to walking in the evening or whenever you fit it in. All of these steps will add up to more calories burned and more weight loss

Happy walking.

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