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Fat burning work out: walking for weight loss tips

September 8, 2018Ellen
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Want a great fat burning work out?  Then this is the right place. Hitting my 10000 steps a day is now a thing for me.  I do my best to fit this in during the working week.  I do this around a demanding desk job and to be honest I don’t often have the energy or the will to do anything more when I get home.  In fact I would say I hate exercise in that sense.  Fitting walking in during the day is a must for me.  Fitting it in during my lunch time is also key to getting those 10,000 steps.

Walking during your lunchtime break is a fantastic idea and you can turn it in to a fat burning work out.  A study in 2015 found many benefits to walking for 30 minutes during your lunch break.  Workers noticed they have increased enthusiasm for work, they were less nervous and they felt way more relaxed and seen an improvement in their physical fitness and overall health.

Walking during your lunchtime break is a fantastic idea.  A study in 2015 found many benefits to walking for 30 minutes during your lunch break.  Workers noticed they have increased enthusiasm for work, they were less nervous and they felt way more relaxed and seen an improvement in their physical fitness and overall health. Here are 6 ways you can rock your lunch time walk even with just 30 minutes.

This is fantastic news for us walkers.  However fitting in a lunch time walk does require a little preparation.   Notice I say a little – and below I’ve noted down the ways to make it easier for you to fit in a lunch time walk.  This means you can get your step count in, improve your mental health and be ready to rock and roll again at work!

Step 1:  Schedule your walks at the weekend for the week ahead for an extra fat burning work out session

An important part of my week is scheduling in when I can get out for a walk.  I often have meetings during the week so I try my best to schedule my walks around that even if I’m heading out for my lunch time walk earlier than usual or later than usual.  If you don’t put them in your diary it is so easy to forget about them and just sit on your bum surfing the internet during your lunch.  Yeah I’ve done that so I know what I’m talking about haha!

It really is so much easier to get out for a walk when it’s in the diary.  It’s almost like scheduling a meeting with yourself and from a psychological perspective you are more than likely to do it than not!  Well that’s my thinking anyway.

Using my Fitbit to schedule my lunch time walks

I use my FitBit to schedule my lunch time walks.  You can set it for as many days as you want.  I started with 3 but as you can see I’m now doing 5 out of 3!  Not bragging, just so pleased with myself!

Step 2:  Prepare, Prepare & Prepare to get you in frame for a fat burning work out walking

As much as scheduling is important, preparation for the walk is also important too.  During the summer I have managed to get away with wearing a dress with trainers so have had no reason to bring in an extra pair for my lunch time walk.  However, as we head in to winter I like to wear my boots so now I have to bring in a pair of trainers for my lunch time walk.

I highly recommend you either keep a pair of trainers in work or you bring a pair with you.  That means you need to get your own bag ready the night before.  Of course you could opt for going for a walk in whatever shoes you have on, however i would suggest the trainers.  For the simple reason to make the most of your lunch time walk I recommend brisk walking.  Brisk walking in heels doesn’t set you up for a comfortable walk.

You could also decide to bring in a sports t-shirt with you to change in to and then out again after your walk.  This is particularly useful if you are walking for a fat burning work out. I do this as it helps keep my blouse nice and clean and it won’t be smelly after my walk!

Preparing the night before for my lunch time walk

Getting ready the  night before is a must for me.  Shoes go in my bag along with wipes.  I often take a spare t-shirt too to change in to before heading out for a lunch time walk.

Step 3: Pack lunches are a go, go, go

There are three reasons I go for packed lunches.  The first reason is that it saves money from buying expensive sandwiches.  The second reason is that you know exactly what goes in to your lunch and lastly it saves time when it comes to going for a fat burning work out walk during your lunch break.  Heading out to get your steps up means you can nip out, do your walk and be back at your desk ready and raring to eat that delicious lunch.

preparing lunch the night before

Preparing lunch the night before will certainly save you time, money and you know what exactly is in it!

Step 4:  Plan your route close to work

You run the risk of wasting time if you don’t consider the route you plan on walking.  I have four planned routes that I vary depending on the day, time available and whether it is raining or not!  You may find it helpful to plan a few routes that are close by and vary these too so you don’t get bored doing the same one.  My routes also vary in time and distance.  If I have a little more time then it’s the long one or if I am running late from a meeting it’s a short one.  Although I have been known to go for a short one if my legs need a bit of a break!

Whatever route you choose making it fit in the time you have available will help you make the most of it.

Step 5:  Mix it up for a great fat burning work out

If you mix up your walking to include hills / inclines and high intensity intervals you will most certainly rock your lunch time walk.  You will be working your whole body and you will burn more calories and fat in such a short amount of time.  It’s a great way to get a full body workout in just a short amount of time.

If you want to know more about how to kick your walks up a gear head over to this blog post.

walking in to a cardio workout

Inclines don’t need to be this steep!  Nearly walking on all fours heading up these hills!

Step 6:  Enjoy your fat burning work out walk before you eat lunch!

Did you know that if you do your walk without too much food in your tummy that your metabolism works even better and you can burn more fat?  Well there’s even research to back this up as you will be exercising with a calorie deficit.

When you are walking your body will use stored fat for energy.  I always love getting back from a brisk walk and sitting down to a lunch. I’ve been on salads all summer but now that autumn has arrived I will probably start thinking of soup as an alternative.

In just 30 minutes, a blink of an eye really, your workout is done.  Best of all you haven’t had to get up extra early to fit it in or you haven’t had to go home get changed and head out again.  Fitting walking around your every day life is what I’m all about.

If you get in to following the steps above and getting your walking fix in during your lunch break it will become just another part of your every day routine and it will be just something you do without having to think about it.  Also, you will start to feel the benefits of it in your body, your mind and in your overall health.  Work will feel less stressful and you will get through the afternoon slump with no problems at all.

I have to say that I now have so much more energy from going out at lunch time for a brisk walk.  I am also seeing results of weight loss, toning, overall an feeling more positive and ready to face the day.  I will never just sit at my desk again over lunch – I really do need the brisk walk and fresh air and it is so worth getting in to this new routine.

Happy walking folks.  I hope you enjoy  your fat burning work out walk.

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