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Does Walking Burn Fat? Here’s how to Burn Fat Walking

March 2, 2019Ellen
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Does walking burn fat was something I wanted to know and put simply, yes walking does burn fat. The next question I wanted to know was how to burn fat walking. So, not only can you walk to burn calories but did you know you can burn fat fast walking?

It wasn’t until I started walking and really getting to understand the different ways our body uses energy that I realized how to burn fat walking. In fact you can burn fat fast walking. Of course most exercises will help you burn calories, however if you do brisk walking for around 40 minutes you body will dip in and use those fat reserves that your body would otherwise store.

Free Walking for Weight Loss Plan

So walking is great for burning belly fat especially. This is fantastic news because it is this type of fat – visceral fat that can contribute to heart disease.

Does walking burn fat: let’s get started

A perfect exercise to burn fat is walking. There are two steps you can take to burn fat fast walking. The first is walking at a brisk pace to get you in your fat burning zone. The second is walking for long enough to get your body burning stored fat and not just sugars.

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The fat-burning zone

You can walk to burn calories and fat, the absolute easiest way to know if you are in your fat burning zone is to own a fitness tracker. The reason being is that to get to your fat burning fat-burning zone you need to walk at an intensity that is 60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. When you are in this fat burning zone your body burns mostly fat – that is around 85 percent are fat the rest are protein and carbs.

burn fat walking

What is your maximum rate if I don’t have a fitness tracker I hear you ask?  I’m no doctor but I came across a very basic way of working out your maximum heart rate.  This really is a guesstimate so working this out would not be as accurate as with a fitness tracker.

The basic formula is this: For women:  226 minus your age For men:  220 minus your age. I will use my age as an example to show you the results.

Female aged 46 would be: 226 – 46 = 180 maximum heart rate If I want 60% of my maximum I multiply the 180 (maximum heart rate) by 0.6 which gives me 108.

If I want 70% of my maximum then the calculation would be 180 (maximum heart rate) by 0.7 and that gives me 126.

So if I want to walk to burn calories and walk briskly to reduce fat, my fat burning mode is between 108 and 126. Now that I know this, I can go out with my fitness tracker which measures my heart rate and I can start walking briskly.  I try my best to stay within those two figures.  Of course there are times if I am going up hill that my heart rate will go above this but by in large the brisk walk is in the fat burning mode.

This example is based on my age, of course your zone will depend on yours.


If you don’t have a FitBit then you can look out for some signs to help determine if you are in a fat burning mode. For example being in the fat burning mode will mean your breathing will be heavier, you will be sweating slightly, you will feel that you are exerting yourself more but if you are walking with a colleague you will still be able to hold a conversation. Our aim of course is to walk to burn calories and walk to burn fat. Honestly it is really a great exercise to burn fat.

fat burning walking

Does walking burn fat: length of time needed

The first 30 minutes of walking you walk to burn calories and body will be using sugars to power it so walking at least 45 minutes will ensure your body is using stored fat and if you walk even longer than 45 minutes you will use more stored fat!

A little word of caution though. When you first start out walking take some time to warm up at a slower pace. Don’t do as I did and went brisk from the start and ended up hurting my shins! Boy were they ever so sore. I would recommend spending about 8 minutes at this slower pace, not only will it help warm you up but it will use the sugars at the start too meaning when you start your brisk pace a lot of sugar will already be used and your body will move to burning fat quicker. How great is that? You see there really is method to my madness when you are walking for weight loss.

It really is up to you when you walk to burn fat however I normally do this Saturday and Sunday as I have more time on my hands. My normal schedule for the week is getting my 10,000 steps in but also toning my body walking during my lunch break. .

If you are just starting out on your walking for weight loss journey then start small and gradually build up. I have a beginner’s walking plan that you can download. It will help you build up to 10,000 steps a day.

Tips to get you started to burn fat walking

Giving consideration to how to start is important as I’ve said above but what is also important is what you wear and getting ready to burn fat fast walking. Having a great pair of shoes which are flat, flexible and allow you to walk for the miles you need is really important. I have a blog post on top tips for choosing the right walking shoes to hit your 10,000 steps which I know will help you decide which pair of shoes to purchase. There were times when I had the wrong shoes on and my feet suffered. There is nothing worse than having sore feet. It really does put you off walking.

Having the right clothing also makes all the difference. Clothing that wicks away sweat, that is flexible and allows you to move without restriction is so important. All of these things will help you prepare for your fat burning walk.

When to do your exercise for burning fat

The decision is really up to you but the more you do the fat burning walk the more fat your will lose. If you mix this with hitting 10,000 steps a day then you are doing the recommended amount of exercise that will help improve your health and well being. This exercise for burning fat really has changed my life and a fat-burning walk can be intense so alternatively it or doing it on Saturday and Sunday like me may be the best option for you.

What I love about finding an exercise for burning fat and walking for weight loss and fat-burning walks is that it burns more fat than high intensity exercises. Having said that both types of exercises bur calories so that’s a great thing. For me though walking is the better of the options because I can do it by incorporating in to my daily routine and I don’t have to head out to the gym to do it.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that walking I do every day and can continue to do and the best exercise for you is one that you can do every day without feeling you HAVE to.

Does walking burn fat: tools to help you

You don’t need to spend much money to enjoy a fat-burning walk but what you do need will help keep you motivated, and allow you to walk your way to weight loss with ease:

  • Fitness Trackers: To get to your fat burning zone with ease and not have to worry about math, then check out the fitness trackers here. they will tell you your heart rate zone, measure your steps and if they provide an app like Fitbit you can track your weight loss progress.
  • Walking shoes: To help you walk easily and without injury getting the right walking shoes is important. Read my blog post on choosing the right walking shoes for you.
  • Clothing: For me about all it has to be comfortable and that means taking a little time to get the right fit and fabric. I want clothing that allows me to move freely and wick away sweat. With that in mind I have hunted for the best walking for weight loss outfits that would be ideal to buy and you can read about them here.

I would like to congratulate you on your first step towards losing weight and burning fat by walking. Walking is a great way of starting on your weight loss journey. Remember to take it easy starting out and you will reach your goal in no time at all. Exercise for burning fat can be difficult so finding something that I enjoy has been a bonus. I hope you enjoy it too.

Happy walking!

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