• lose 5 pounds in 5 days

    Simple hacks to lose weight without really trying

    January 31, 2019 Ellen

    This is my weight loss journey to lose weight without really trying! Losing weight is extremely hard work and I have tried really hard in the past and lost weight. Put it all back on of course so this time I decided to try and lose weight without really trying. My reason is simple, it seems that if I believe I am cutting down or cutting out foods or indeed on a diet, that is the time that I think…

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  • How to practice walking meditation

    November 24, 2018 Ellen

    Walking meditation is so important to me. Most of my week is sitting down.  Either in my office typing up reports or sitting in meetings.  I can get very stressed with the whole thing and some weeks are worse than others.  I know that walking though helps me get through it.  I also know that meditation is helpful but the last thing I want to do after sitting all day is sitting some more and meditating.  That is why I…

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  • Why Walking Is Good for Perimenopause

    September 5, 2018 Ellen

    Improving my health was one of the reasons I decided to take up walking.  All sorts of things started to go wrong for me from severe mood swings during certain times of the month to feeling utterly exhausted no matter how many hours sleep I got.  It was when reading up on how to improve my health that I came across Perimenopause.  It was the first time I had heard about it. Since then I have been devouring all the information…

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  • what walking has done for me

    How walking changed my life & how it can change yours too!

    September 2, 2018 Ellen

    There are times when I feel really pleased with myself.  This week was one of those when I managed to smash my 10,000 steps target every day but went above and beyond 4 of those days hitting on average 13,000 steps! Walking has changed my life and I know it can change yours too.  Walking is one of the best things you can do to achieve the weight you want, maintain your weight, go from aches and pains to feeling…

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  • how long do I need to walk to lose weight

    How much walking to lose weight?

    August 29, 2018 Ellen

    How much walking to lose weight? Losing weight was one of the reasons I started on my walking journey.  I have lost over a stone so far but more than that I can walk with ease.  Before this journey I was so stiff and each time I got up to walk my joints hurt!  Unfortunately I can’t put it down to age being 46! So can you lose weight walking?  Yes you can.  How much walking do you need to…

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  • how does walking keep your heart fit

    How does walking help your heart?

    August 28, 2018 Ellen

    You probably already know that regular exercise plays a positive part in keeping your heart healthy.  I want to talk about how brisk walking also plays a big part in keeping your heart healthy.  I like to fit walking in to my daily routine and I am starting to be rewarded for it as I’m seeing so many positive benefits. Walking helps your heart in so many ways.  As it’s a low-impact exercise it improves your health overall, it helps…

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  • why walking is good for the environment

    Why walking every day is good for the environment

    August 28, 2018 Ellen

    Driving is something that I do but I try and limit it.  I drive on Saturdays to my mum’s house and often on Wednesday’s to take my son to any club cycling races.  We have one household car and three bicycles and everyone has feet – which really were made for walking! Walking every day is great for you but walking every day is good for the environment too.  Walking, instead of driving, reduces pollution in the environment.  It reduces…

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  • how walking improves the brain

    How to improve your memory by walking

    August 27, 2018 Ellen

    Researching is one of my favorite things.  If I don’t know something then I will keep looking till I find the right answer.  I know how great walking is for weight loss, for toning, as well as for your health and well-being.  Below I explore and try to answer the question “how does walking benefit the brain”. Walking is of benefit to the brain and also helps with memory.  Walking benefits include your brains ability to reduce insulin resistance, stimulate…

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  • If I walk daily will it lower my blood pressure?

    August 22, 2018 Ellen

    When I think about blood pressure it sends shivers down my spine.  I had high blood pressure during my two pregnancies to the point where I had severe preeclampsia.  It wasn’t a nice experience.  I just wish I had taken up walking when I was expecting.  I recently read about a study carried out in the US of men aged over 70 with high blood pressure, those who were fit were half as likely to have died within 10 years…

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  • lose weight quickly walking

    Walking vs Running which is better for you 2019

    August 20, 2018 Ellen

    Walking vs running – let’s get straight to the debate! After realizing that I had put on so much weight that it was causing me health problems, I set about improving my health.  I decided to give coach to 5k a go.  Two weeks later and with a very sore lower back I knew that running was not for me.  It was then that I decided to give brisk walking a go. Is walking better than running for your health? …

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