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Can you lose weight walking during your lunch break ?

February 13, 2019Ellen
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Can you lose weight walking during your lunch break? Well yes you can. Getting my 10,000 steps in is certainly a challenge with a desk job but as my aim is to lose weight during my lunch break I do my best.

I need to make the most of my breaks so lunch time is a great way of increasing my steps but also to ramp up my walking for weight loss attempts.

Using brisk walking during lunch time can bring your weight loss journey to a new level. Doing this and getting your 10,000 steps you are well on your way to rocking your walking for weight loss journey!

Free Walking for Weight Loss Plan

Can you lose wight walking – how long to walk during your lunch break?

For me, this has been trial and error but I have noticed that if I go out fora brisk walk aiming for 30 minutes three times per week and just a regular pace walk for 30 minutes the other two days, this certainly builds up and I feel like it is doing me good. Looking at the scientific information this is a good place to be.

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Can you lose wight walking – what is brisk walking mean?

It is so hard to determine what is brisk for each individual person. What was brisk for me 6 months ago wasn’t that fast but brisk now is a lot faster. All I can say to guide you is your heart rate zone and brisk is about 60 to 70 percent of your maximum – now that isn’t much good unless you have a Fitbit – which is why I highly recommend getting one!

Another tip to determine if you are in a brisk walking pace is that you should be breathing harder than you normally would. You should be able to hold a conversation though.

One of the reasons I walk for at least 30 minutes at lunch time is that it allows your body to get in to the fat burning mode. Again this is easy to determine if you have a Fitbit as it will tell you when you have reached your fat burning mode.

If you are just starting out on your walking for weight loss journey, and want to lose weight during your lunch break starting off slow and with shorter times is a great idea and you can then steadily build up your stamina and walking time. If you need hints and tips and a walking for weight loss plan then head over to my post on 13 Walking for Weight Loss Hacks to download the walking for weight loss plan for free.

Trying to form a new habit can be hard so consistency is key to getting those calories burned at lunch time. If you can’t get out every day don’t worry, try and plan your week around getting out as much as you can. Those days when you are stuck in the office try and get your steps in on the way home on in the evening – march on the stop is just as good if you really can’t fit anything else in. What I would say is if you feel exhausted and you really have done a lot then take a break. It’s important that we take care of ourselves in the process of trying to lose weight. Otherwise the motivation will evaporate. If you need some motivation tips then head over to my post on tips to stay motivated on your walking for weight loss journey.

If you’ve hit your weight loss goal and are working on maintaining your weight, the CDC recommends you should spend 60 to 90 minutes most days of the week in moderate-intensity physical activity while not eating more calories than you expend all day.

Can you lose wight walking – how far will I walk in 30 minutes?

Going out to lose weight during your lunch break for a brisk lunch time walk for 30 minutes on average will give you the following:

  • Approximately 2.0 miles.
  • About 3 kilometers
  • Works out at around 4,000 steps.

These stats are a great start on your walking for weight loss journey. Imagine if you had more time how much you would be walking? Likewise if you don’t have 30 minutes even going out for 10 minutes will be getting you close to 1400 steps! How great is that?

walking for weight loss

Can you lose weight walking – how many calories can I burn in 30 minutes?

Again it all depends on your walking speed, and how long you are in your fat burning zone however, the calculations from my Fitbit tell me at my brisk walking pace I burn on average anything from 120 to 320 per 30 minutes. That is 240 and 640 calories burned if I walk an hour. That is brilliant in my book especially if you are heading out for a brisk walk during your lunch!

Just to clarify that during those first 30 minutes your body burns the sugars first and then moves on to the fat stores. So if you can walk a little longer go for it and you will be burning more fat during this period.

Keep the walking up during your lunch break and you could be burning over 3,000 calories per week which will be so helpful in your walking for weight loss journey.

Can you lose weight walking – preparation tips for your lunch time walk

On Sunday I try to prepare for the week ahead. I often know what meetings I have and what days I can get out for a walk or if I can’t how I’m going to fit in a brisk walk to get my 10,000 steps. Below are some of my preparation tips to help you get the most from your lunch time walk.

  • Plan your route ahead of time To make the most of the time you have, plan your route beforehand. Somewhere that you can get to quickly and there isn’t a lot of traffic. There is nothing worse than being stopped by traffic lights when you only have 30 minutes to get your walking done!
  • Keep your walking shoes/boots handy: I wear the type of walking shoes/boots that mean I can get out walking quickly but the odd time I need more dressed up shoes so I bring a pair of walking shoes to work with me. If you need help in deciding which is the best walking shoes/boots for you then head over to my post on top tips for choosing the right walking shoes to hit your 10,000 step target. Oh and depending on what the weather is doing outside, you may want to bring a waterproof coat and/or umbrella too! Don’t let the weather put you off getting your steps in!
  • When to have lunch: Now that is the question. I like to get my steps in before eating lunch that way I go even faster if I’m more hungry than usual! It really does depend on you however, exercising on a full tummy isn’t great for your digestive system!
  • Warm up: starting off at an easy pace will help you get in to your stride and will help with any pain you have from sitting at your desk all day. It is also handy to make sure you are in a walking posture that won’t hurt your back which means standing upright, tummy tucked in and pelvis tilted forward ever so slightly. Your head should be up with your eyes looking directly forward and not down at the ground.
  • Cool down: If you can leave time to cool down, also leave time to head to the bathroom to freshen up before going back to your office. I have a great blog post on how to freshen up after exercise when you don’t have a shower.
  • Use this time to introduce intervals: Intervals are great to boost your fat burn and calories. Speed up for 30 to 60 seconds then slow down and repeat. You could do this three or four times during your walk but I recommend leaving enough time to cool down.
  • Take a stroll: There will be days when you really don’t fancy a brisk walk but rather a stroll. That’s ok and is needed especially for helping to keep stress at bay. This is also good to help prevent burn out too. I get it, there are days when I just can’t be bothered, the secret is to accept those days and move forward to next.

Walking for Weight Loss Plan

If you want to start on your journey for weight loss your total moderate-intensity activity suggested by professionals should be around 150 minutes. Of course you need to check with your own doctor. Getting steps in each day will certainly help you reach this goal. Below I’ve pulled together my walking plan to share with you. This will give you an idea of what to aim for in your walking for weight loss journey. If you are just starting out then head to my blog post on beginning your walking for weight loss journey to download the plan.

  • Sunday: Long walking around 60 minutes, I vary between brisk and strolling
  • Monday: No lunch time walk but 40 minutes brisk walk to train station
  • Tuesday: Lunch time brisk walk of 10 minutes & 40 minutes moderate walk to train station
  • Wednesday: No lunch time walk but 40 minutes brisk walk to train station.
  • Thursday: Brisk morning walk of 15 minutes and moderate 40 minutes walk to train station.
  • Friday: 40 minutes brisk walk to train station.
  • Saturday: Day off.

My distance, days walked can change but this is what a usual week looks like at the moment. There are times when I have to vary this plan depending on whether I’ve meetings and where they are. The other week I got no lunch time walks in. I just have to go with it when that happens. I can only try my best.

Starting off from where you are now

If you are new to walking, I highly recommend you take your time to gradually build up your distance/time and how fast you go. It will get easier as I know from experience. Every day you go out whether that’s for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or more you are improving your health and making a difference. Before long you will have improved and your endurance will have increased that you will be hitting your 10,000 steps target in no time at all.

I want to congratulate you on your first step of walking for weight loss, reading this post is that first step. Honestly it may seem so daunting walking 10,000 steps but it is achievable and you can achieve it. I didn’t start out with 10,000 steps, I did a little more each day and worked up to it. I really do wish you well on your walking for weight loss journey. Any questions you have just ask.

Happy walking!

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