About Me

Hello and welcome to my website all about my experience of trying my best to fit walking in to my daily life.  This journey started for me several months ago when I was obese, couldn’t walk the length of myself, had aches and pains and felt I was much, much older than I was!


II have grown to love walking.  Since the day I decided to fit more walking in to my daily routine I have felt so many benefits from losing weight, toning up, reducing my stress and anxiety, getting rid of aches and pains and generally making me feel good about myself again.

The posts that I write are based on my own personal experience, this is my journey where I share with  you what I know. I am a qualified Life Coach and have just completed a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.

I hope you find the posts helpful and that my experience will help you and encourage you to take up walking for your body and mind too!

Happy walking folks.