30 Day Walking Challenge

September 14, 2020Ellen
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As you know I have lost 42lbs walking so I thought I would develop a 30-day walking challenge.  The walking challenge is for people who would like to shed weight but also for people who want to be healthy.  In my opinion this walking challenge will help improve your fitness no matter what the reason for starting is.  It’s a great way to kickstart your weight loss.

This 30 day walking challenge will hopefully have you making walking a habit for improving your health that you will want to keep going after the 30 day walking challenge is over.

I have recently come out of hospital after an operation so started this 30 day walking challenge as a way of getting back to doing more exercise and to shed the few pounds I have put on over lockdown!  Due to the Covid-19 restrictions I’ve also been doing a bit more walking on a treadmill so if you want some tips on walking for weight loss on a treadmill head over to my blog post here.

So what is this walking challenge all about then?  Well it’s about building up the amount of walking time over the period of 30 days.  This is particularly helpful for those who haven’t walked much before, or indeed for those who were fit before and haven’t exercised much lately. 

It’s also about setting realistic goals that you can stick to.  Reaching a goal will help you go for the next one and before long walking will be a habit that you enjoy.

To help you along the way I’ve developed a Walking Tracker to help you on your walking challenge.  The thing I love about walking is that you can fit it in to your everyday routine, you don’t need specialist equipment and you can do it with family and friends including your dog! 

You can download the 30 day walking challenge below.


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