17 reasons why walking is good during pregnancy

August 17, 2018Ellen
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As I write this I am taken back to my own two pregnancies. They were emergency C-sections which were very traumatic for me, my husband and our two children.  Unfortunately looking back on them I don’t believe I was in the best health.  I took the old saying to heart that “I was eating for two” and boy did I eat!

Walking in pregnancy is great for you.  Not only will it help you coming up to the end of your term, but it will help you with any discount you may be feeling with your pregnancy.  Walking during pregnancy also means that your body will be fit and healthy for the challenge of delivering your baby, it helps you sleep better, it helps boost your mood and it helps prevent unwanted weight gain. Indeed, health professionals recommend at least 150 minutes of walking a week when you are pregnant.


17 reasons to walk during pregnancy

Labor and delivery could be eased by walking in pregnancy. There was a study completed a while back that found light exercise such as walking during pregnancy meant that 58 per cent of women were less likely to opt for pain medication that those who did not do light exercise during pregnancy.  Of course, this are no guarantees to this if you do walk during pregnancy but surely, it’s worth a shot if it helps build your stamina and is good for your health anyway?

Walking in pregnancy will give you more energy. Oh, I remember that tiredness that would come over me all of a sudden.  There were times where I just needed to nap, and I didn’t care where I napped!  Walking will help you through this period and give you the new lease you need to keep going.  The fresh air alone is worth the effort of sticking a pair of trainers on and going outside for a brisk walk.

Walking in pregnancy can help you stave off excess weight gain.  Like I said above, I ate for two and it showed.  It was damaging to my health and that of my baby.  Research has been conducted that shows you could put on 7 pounds less if you walk during pregnancy than those who don’t walk during pregnancy.  This is great news.

Walking in pregnancy could help prevent lower back ache.  Did you know that nearly two thirds of women who are expecting experience back pain?  That’s a shocking statistic.  How about if I told you that if you walked during pregnancy you may not get that back pain?  It’s a great way to prevent back pain.

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Walking in pregnancy can help prevent diabetes.  Unfortunately, during pregnancy, you can experience high blood sugar which means you could be at greater risk of developing type II diabetes.  Walking on a regular basis may help to reduce your risk of developing it.

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Walking in pregnancy can boost your mood. Walking comes highly recommended to help with depression, stress and anxiety.  I’ve write a post about it here. If you feel your hormones are all over the place during pregnancy as well as visiting your doctor, walking will benefit you.  The exercise will release happy hormones and help to improve your mood.

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Walking in pregnancy can help with constipation!  An odd one I grant you but honestly it does work!  Women have so much to put up with during pregnancy that constipation is just another issue due to the baby growing inside and the high levels of progesterone.  Walking can help keep you regular.

Walking in pregnancy will help you stay fit. A scientific study followed a number of women for 20 years after they gave birth.  The results showed that those who walked during their pregnancy were still walking and were fitter.  I guess the idea is to start it now, so it becomes a habit that will continue as your child grows.

Walking in pregnancy could lead to a shorter labor time.  Another study showed that women who walked and exercised during pregnancy experienced up to 2 hours less in labor that those women who did not walk or exercise during pregnancy.  Honestly anything that reduces labor pains surely has to be tried?

Walking during pregnancy may limit your legs swelling.  Retaining fluid is another part of being pregnant.  Not to mention the stresses and strains your back and legs are under with your growing baby.  Walking can help you limit the amount of swelling caused by fluid as it naturally improves your blood flow.

Walking during your pregnancy may help you have a better night’s sleep.  People often tell you to get all the sleep you can when pregnant because when the baby comes along you will be up all the time.  It’s so hard to get comfortable during this time.  Walking during pregnancy means you are getting exercise and out in the fresh air so these can aid your sleep.

Walking during pregnancy may help you avoid a forceps delivery or other medical intervention.  A staggering statistic is that you are 75 percent less likely to need a forceps delivery if you walk or exercise during pregnancy!  Apparently, you are also 55 percent less likely to need an episiotomy and four times less likely to need a C-section.  That is staggering to know.

Walking may help you to lower your risk of preeclampsia.  I suffered severe preeclampsia with both my pregnancies.  It was a horrible, horrible experience.  I wasn’t in good shape for either and wish I had read this back then.  For those who don’t know about preeclampsia, it involves high blood pressure and protein in your urine that causes your baby not to grow or develop properly.

walking during pregnancy


Walking in pregnancy is great for your immune system.  Did you know that walking helps to lower your risk of getting the cold?  Well it is true so get walking to keep those colds at bay.  Nothing worse during your pregnancy than getting a cold and not being able to take any medication for it.

Walking during pregnancy may ease your morning sickness.  Oh, the dreaded morning sickness.  Walking help either help you take your mind of it or it will make you feel less sick.  Of course, you could also try ginger – a great reliever for morning sickness too.

Walking during pregnancy may help you get back to normality after the birth.  Research was carried out on new moms and those who walked and exercised during pregnancy were able to cope better with the new demands of motherhood.  Being a new mom is so blooming hard so anything that can help is surely worth a try.

Walking will make you feel more in control of your body.  Pregnancy can be such a wonderful experience, but it can also be surprising as your body changes in so many ways.  There are times when you feel things are happening that you have no control over.  Walking on a regular basis will help you get back control.  It will help with any mood swings you are experiencing and it will help with feeling more grounded.  It’s also good for your baby too!

Does walking during labor help?

I wanted to touch on this question as so many people often wonder if walking can help to bring on labor.

Yes, walking can help during labor.  It can help by encouraging your baby to move down onto your cervix in to the correct position for delivery.  This means that labor could start naturally rather than needing to be induced.

Another reason why walking during labor can help is that when you walk the pressure of your baby’s head encourages the release of oxytocin which is a hormone that helps to trigger your contractions.

Of course, when you are in labor, walking can also help the process along too.



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