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How to get 10000 steps: Moves to sneak more steps in

March 1, 2019Ellen
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How to get 10000 steps, that is what I call the magic number – 10,000 steps! This number has changed my life, not just for helping me lose weight but also improving my health and wellness. I talk extensively about how walking changed my life in this blog post.

I wanted to share with you why 10,000 steps as a starting point. Whatever you believe of where 10,000 steps came from whether that’s from Japan during the Tokyo Olympics or whether it was those who design fitness trackers, it really doesn’t matter. That magic number can help us all to lose weight and feel healthy. It is also a magic number to help us increase our activity levels especially if like me you sit at a desk all day.

Free Walking for Weight Loss Plan

It is true that walking 10,000 steps a day improves your health and well being. There are many studies that have been carried out over the years to prove this. Taking 10,000 steps a day are linked to health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, better blood glucose levels and improved mood:

How Walking Helps Your Heart

How Walking Improves Your Memory

How Walking Lowers Blood Pressure

How Walking Helps Improve Back Pain

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How to get 10000 steps is important as on average people take between 3,000 and 4,000 steps a day. This is what I also found when I started on my walking for weight loss journey. Indeed, the 10,000 step target was way off. The thing to bear in mind is that 10,000 steps is around 5 miles. So how to get 10000 steps is important to reach that 5 mile mark.

How to get 10000 steps: Start off slowly

If you are starting on your walking journey then start slow. I’ve a beginner plan for starting out walking that I would recommend you begin with especially if you are new to exercise.

How to get 10000 steps: Everyday activities

The whole premise behind this site is about incorporating walking and getting your 10,000 steps in to your every day activities. I’m not for having to go to gyms etc. If we can’t fit in 10,000 steps in our daily routine then we have to question on are we doing. The fantastic news – and I do mean FANTASTIC – is that with a little information, you can indeed fit in 10,000 steps in your daily routine. Even things you didn’t think were exercising and count towards your steps will amaze you from shopping, housework, to name but a few!

How to get 10000 steps: Fitness trackers

A really quick tip here. Having a fitness tracker has helped me so much and I would highly recommend you read my blog post on the 10 best fitness trackers to help you walk your way to weight loss. The wonderful thing about fitness trackers is that you are able to set a reminder to get up from your desk and walk around the office every hour which really boosts your step count. It’s also a wonderful device to have to boost your motivation.

How to get 10000 steps: Activities to help you reach your goal

I have pulled together a quick guide of every day activities to help you increase your step count towards 10,000. These are the number of steps you may achieve per minute doing activities that aren’t necessarily walking! To be honest it doesn’t matter what you refer to them as, just as long as they count towards your magic number of 10,000 steps for weight loss!

ActivityAverage steps per minute
Walking (moderate)100 – 120
Walking (brisk)130 – 140
Moderate gardening (weeding)70 – 80
Heavy gardening (digging)120 – 150
Mowing the lawn 200 – 250
Housework (vacuuming)100 – 120
Housework (mopping)100 – 120
Housework (dusting)80 – 100
Housework (window cleaning)50 – 80
Grocery shopping50 – 60
Washing the car75 – 85
Drying the car75 – 85

What could 10,000 steps look like?

Knowing how many steps you take for things certainly helps you decide where you can add some steps to keep your count high.

Below I have listed my steps which I normally take Monday to Friday when I’m at work to give you an idea of how I go about getting my 10,000 steps:

Walking to train station / train station to bus / bus stop to work (25 minutes)2,100
Walk at lunchtime (30 minutes)3,000
Walking home (work to train station – I miss out bus this time – 40 minutes)5,000

Unique ways to increase get your 10,000 steps for weight loss

Remember to check with your doctor if you are going from a low number of steps to 10,000. Below I’ve listed some unique ways to get your 10,000 steps a day:

  1. Make a loop in your house or garden. I’m not embarrased to say that I made a loop in my garden and walked round it several times a day! You could also do one in your home too especially if you can’t get out or you have children at home. Although using your garden is a great way to get some fresh air too!
  2. Walk in place while watching TV or on the phone. I try to walk during the ad breaks or better still every 30 minutes. I also march on the spot each time I’m on the phone in work. It gets me out of my chair and you don’t even realise you are doing it.
  3. Be an inefficient tidy upper!. If you want to get more steps in then when tidying it up be as inefficient as possible! Put away one thing at a time rather than a bunch of things. When putting way the ironing, take just a few things upstairs at a time rather than all at once. This will most certainly get you more steps – climbing stairs is indeed a bonus.
  4. Mall walk. Now this I love! Shopping and walking is a great combination. You can get your steps in while shopping for all kinds of things from groceries to clothes. I just love it. Malls are also great especially if the weather isn’t so good outside and you have kids in tow.
  5. Public transport challenge. If you use public transport then get off a stop early and walk to your destination. I use both the train and bus, in the evening I skip the bus and walk to the train station. This takes me 40 minutes but gets me to my 10,000 steps.

There are just a few ways of increasing your steps, I recommend you head to my blog post on how to hit 10,000 steps with a desk job, there are plenty more tips there to help you reach your target.

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