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10 of the Best Fitness Trackers to help you Walk your Way to Weight Loss

February 23, 2019Ellen
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This post is about the best fitness trackers in my opinion. Having a fitness tracker really changed my life! I don’t say that easily but it is a fitness tracker that has helped me lose weight and to improve my health and fitness. Walking has so many benefits from reducing your weight, to reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol levels too.

It wasn’t until I purchased my fitness tracker that I realise how inactive I was. When I first go it, I tracked how many steps I took during the day. To my surprise it was around 3,000. I was shocked because the recommended number of steps is 10,000. At least now I had a base line to work with and if I was going to increase my fitness and steps then a fitness tracker was the ideal piece of kit.

Free Walking for Weight Loss Plan

Fitness trackers are great for measuring your step count, calories you are burning during the day, your heart rate, the distance you have traveled and it can notify you to keep moving by an alarm system. Another amazing reason to have a fitness tracker is that you can set goals, work towards those and get a wee badge for achieving them (if you have a Fitbit!). In fact not only do I have a fitness tracker but my son asked for one as a present at Christmas time because he wanted to keep track of his steps too. I think it’s a great thing that anyone can use a fitness tracker.

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There are a vast array of fitness trackers out there so I’ve pulled together some of them based on my thoughts, my reviews, reviews of others, price point, ease of use, and features. These are my top 20, I’m sure there is one here that will help you on your walking for weight loss journey:

My recommendations of the best fitness trackers

1. Willful Pedometer Bracelet

The Willful Pedometer Bracelet is available in a variety of colors and tracks daily steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, exercise time, and sleep quality. You can also see calls and messages from your phone on your wrist! It’s also waterproof. Very cool and easy to use this one.

Key Features:

✔ Newest HD Color Screen

✔ 24 Hour continuous heart rate monitor

✔ Automatically monitor and analyze sleep quality

✔ Support 14 sports modes (3 default exercise modes on the screen.)

✔ IP68 waterproof,swimming and diving available

✔ Connect phone’s GPS to show route in the app

✔ Call / SMS Notification from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,LinkedIn, Instagram etc..

✔ Pedometer to display steps, calorie, distance, heart rate, pace and time duration

Additional Features:

✔ Wrist Sensor Switch ✔ Up to 10 alarm clocks ✔ Sedentary Remind ✔ Long Battery Life ✔ Remote Camera Control ✔ Slim and Lightweight Band ✔ USB charge,no cable needed

Cost: Approx. $38.00

2. Fitbit Alta

Fitbit is the brand that I use and I am very happy with it. It is one of the most recognizable names in fitness tracking. For me it is very accurate, easy to use and I’m able to sync it to my mobile. This Fitbit Alta is one of the Best Sellers on Amazon in activity trackers and has four out of five stars with more than 4,600 customer reviews. It has a slim design and some beautiful colors too!

Key Features:

  • Track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity, and stationary time
  • Delivers friendly reminders to move and celebrates when you do with achievements and badges
  • With SmartTrack, the Fitbit Alta automatically recognizes and records exercises so you can track workouts without needing to push a button
  • Instantly access stats, the time, and smartphone notifications with Tap Display
  • Long battery life – a fantastic feature, I use my fitbit for over 7 days without having to charge!

Cost: Approx. $124

3. Garmin vívosmart 4

The best fitness trackers will help you so much. This slim wristband tracker, available in multiple colors, is a real beautiful fitness tracker with a distinctive design, metal trim accents and bright, easy-to-read display. The display is only on when you need it. And when it’s on, it auto-adjusts to ambient light levels, so it’s visible even in bright sunlight.

Key Features:

  • Slim, smart activity tracker blends fashionable design with stylish metal accents and a bright, easy-to-read display
  • Includes advanced sleep monitoring with REM sleep and can gauge blood oxygen saturation levels during the night with the wrist-based Pulse Ox sensor. (Not a medical device and not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition)
  • Fitness and health monitoring tools include estimated wrist-based heart rate, all-day stress tracking, relaxation breathing timer, VO2 max, Body Battery energy monitor and more
  • Features dedicated activity timers for walks, runs, strength training, yoga, pool swims and others
  • Get vibration alerts for all notifications, including calls, text messages and more (text replies available for Android device users)
  • Battery life keeps up with you; lasts up to 7 days (excluding Pulse Ox sleep tracking) and is safe for swimming and showering, too

Cost: *Approx. $129.99

4. Runme Fitness Tracker

A lovely fitness tracker that is waterproof and comes with many features. This one is the lower band price but you get a lot for your bucks with this one!

Key Features:

  • HEART RATE AND SLEEP MONITOR: Automatically track real-time heart rate continuously on your wrist, as well as automatically recording your sleep duration and sleep quality data, helping you make adjustments for a healthier lifestyle.
  • ALL-DAY FITNESS TRACKER: There are 14 sport modes to choose from and this fitness tracker will accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned and duration etc.
  • 2018 3rd GENERATION: Upgraded to bring you the latest version, it features a bigger display and utilizes the latest chip used be leading manufacturers, can record the data more accurate.
  • BUILT-IN USB FOR CONVENIENT CHARGING: With a built-in USB connector, you can do away with charging cables and can directly insert the device into any USB port to charge. The device only takes 2 hours to be fully charged and this gives 5-7 day’s use.

Cost: Approx. $26.99

5. Fitbit Zip

It is the small details about the Fitbit Zip and the funky colors that appeal to me! Much more than a pedometer, zip tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned then automatically syncs the data to your Fitbit account. Your stats wirelessly upload via computer or select mobile devices, so you will know in real time when you are close to a goal and when you’ve reached one. Not to mention it is small and discreet if you don’t like wearing the watch type fitness trackers.

Key Features:

  • Tracks steps, distance and calories burned
  • Syncs automatically to your computer or select bluetooth 4.0 smartphones or tablets
  • Set goals, view progress and earn badges. Battery type: 3v coin battery
  • Share and compete with friends throughout the day
  • Free iphone and android application
  • Sync stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and over 150 leading smartphones

Cost: Approx. $93.99

6. Huawei Fit

The Huawei Fit tracks your activity from running, to walking, to cycling. Its smart notifications keep you on track throughout the day if you are aiming for your 10,000 steps, and the real-time coaching keeps you informed of your heart rate and gives alerts for speeding up, slowing down, and distance markers. This is a serious piece of kit!

Key Features:

  • Personal training experience: customize your running plan with FirstBeat, receive real-time running guidance, and analyze the effects of your training
  • Heart rate monitoring: single measurements, all-day periodic background measurement, and real-time heart rate monitoring during workout
  • Multi-sport modes and 5ATM water-resistance: supports multiple forms of exercise, including walking, running, cycling, and treadmill.
  • Daily activity tracking: tracks and monitors daily activity information, including step count, calories burned, and distance covered; automatically detects your sleeping State and gathers statistics.
  • Smart notifications: incoming call notifications, message notifications, smart alarms, and inactivity reminders

Cost: Approx. $74.99

7. Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is a fitness watch that is stylish and comes with enhanced features for keeping fitness in focus, and comes with some very stylish accessories too!

Key Features:

  • PurePulse heart rate
  • On-screen workouts
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Color touchscreen
  • Multi-sport tracking and connected GPS
  • All-day activity and sleep
  • Music control
  • Long battery life; up to five days
  • Reminders to move
  • Available in six colors including a gold strap version

Cost: Approx. $199.00

8. Polar A370

Polar’s heart rate monitors and fitness trackers help people listen to their body and understand what it is telling them. Their A370 is a 24/7 fitness tracker that is waterproof and features wrist-based heart rate monitoring and Polar personalized training guidance. It has smartwatch features like smart notifications and a color touchscreen, the fitness tracker that has everything you need to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Key Features:

  • Continuous heart RATE – have the A370 intelligently track your heart RATE through the twists and turns of everyday life.
  • Assisted GPS – Use your phone’s GPS to Track speed, distance and route
  • Get notifications for incoming calls, messages, social media and calendar appointments right on the screen of your Polar A370.
  • Improved sleep analysis – get the valued insight you need to get a good night’s rest
  • Broadcast heart RATE – the A370 can be used as a HR sensor. Pair it to your favorite fitness app
  • Water resistant
  • 3rd party compatibility – exercise and activity data is automatically sent and is available to be used in services where you allow it.

Cost: Approx. $119.00

9. Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 is my absolute favorite Fitbit! One of the best fitness trackers. You can get a deeper understanding of your body, your health and your progress with Fitbit Charge 3. It is swim proof, advanced fitness tracker does more than count steps-it tracks 24/7 heart rate, calorie burn, 15+ exercises, goal progress, sleep and more. Every day, you’ll find valuable insights about your health that will empower you to take action, improve yourself and reach your goals. I just love the app that you can also upload your goals.

Key Features:

  • Better measure calorie burn, understand resting heart rate & more with 24/7 heart rate tracking and a battery life of up to 7 days (varies with use and other factors)
  • Choose from 15+ exercise modes like run, bike, swim, yoga, circuit training and more, set a goal, and get real-time stats during your workouts to see how you can keep getting better
  • Automatically record time spent in Light, Deep and REM sleep stages and see activity trends, health insights and personalized guidance in one place
  • Swim proof and water resistant to 50M so you can track swims and wear in the shower.
  • Connect to smartphone GPS for real-time pace and distance during outdoor runs and rides
  • Stay connected and get call, text and smartphone app notifications on your wrist

Cost: Approx. $169.99

10. Beitong Fitness Tracker

This one is highly rated Amazon, as one of the best fitness trackers with five out of five stars by more than 96 customer reviewers. If you can’t afford the more expensive ones then this is the option for you. It does as much tracker as some of the others too.


  • Abundant Functions & Built-in USB for Charging, 3 customizable clock faces, Heart rate monitor, Sleep monitor, Fatigue state, Health analysis, Steps, Distance, Calories, Text message content view, Call reminder, APP reminder, Alarm/Sedentary reminder, Remote camera, Outdoor exercise, Find the bracelet shoot and so on, Simply It’s your life’s omnipotent steward.
  • All-day Activity Tracking & Connected GPS, Accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep status. Connect the GPS on your cellphone can show run stats like pace and distance and record a map of your workout route.
  • Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Monitor, Tracks real-time heart rate automatically & continuously and automatically tracks your sleep duration & consistency with comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data, helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle.

Cost: Approx. $29.95

The Verdict

I have to say that any of my recommendations of the best fitness trackers will do the job of helping you reach your 10,000 steps. For me these are some of he best fitness trackers on he market. However, because I have had a Fitbit Charge 3 for some time I would highly recommend this one. The reason being is the goals and the badges you can gain for reaching your goals. I need all the help and motivation I can get so this is the ideal fitness tracker for me. I do hope you find one you like and will help you get walking for weight loss.

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